Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Hi everyone! Sorry that I had been missing in action once again. September's been a really busy month, so much that I had to neglect this space of mine. Sigh. Anyways, I've finally found some time today after clearing whatever I need to clear, so it's time for a long overdue Nails Talk update!

Today I have two pretty thermals from Fancy Gloss Polish to share.
First up, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, a pretty raspberry pink shade when warm and chocolate brown when cold.
Love how the gold shimmers added a shine when it's warm. Somehow it's not as apparent when it's cold.
In transition from warm to cold.
When it's cold. I was looking forward to a rich chocolate brown shade when it turns cold, but this was the darkest it went. Though it was not what I had expected, I still like enough to wore it for a week. 
Next up, Olive You, a thermal that changes from olive green when cold to a pale yellow when warm. For this swatch, I decided to add some nail art (my favourite florals) to it. 
A delicate pastel yellow shade when it's warm. Pardon the visible nail line here, it's not apparent in real life though.
Another look at the transition stage. I like how the colours complement each other here.
And finally, when it's cold. It turned out to be more of a light olive green shade instead of the dark olive shade that I was looking forward to. This was the darkest it when despite me dunking my fingers into a bowl of ice water. Oh well, I guess things like that happens at times. 

Formula and application, I have no complaints about it. Olive You is a tad sheer, I required three coats to reach opacity. 

Fancy Gloss Polish is available on their web store and also at Mei Mei's Signatures. For information of new colours and collections, follow them on their respective social media sites.

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