Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Hello everyone! 

Today I'm going to talk not about nails or flower, but a rare topic which I've only talked about it once. And that's beauty! This is not exactly my field of expertise, so do bear with me if I don't write as well. 

"Defined brows instantly make you look more polished."
Bobbi Brown

When it comes to grooming, I'm a firm believer that having a good set of eyebrows can change the look of a person as compared to unkempt brows. I've been keeping my brows tidy by trimming and going for regular threading sessions since secondary days. To be honest, I'm thankful to be blessed with a set of eyebrows of even thickness and don't have much complaints except for a few sparse spots and the amount of time I have to spend each day drawing my brows everyday.

Last week I finally had the chance to  visit Browhaus and try out Brow Resurrection, semi-permanent brow enhancement service.
The above photos were taken right before my appointment with Browhaus. This is my everyday look, light make-up except I had not drawn my brows. As you can see, my left brow is more sparse at the start and end as compared to the right.
All ready for my Brow Resurrection experience after consultation was done.

Before I go on further, here's some information about Browhaus' Brow Resurrection:
  • It's an advanced embroidery technique that's unique and exclusive to Browhaus. It took the Research and Development team 7 years to perfect the technique.
  • To create an intricate lifelike brow look, individual 3D brow strands are etched into the skin with the finest multi-pins.
  • Premium vegetable dyes which are 100% safe on the skin are used. 
  • A dedicated Browhaus Training School ensures all their therapists are in tip top condition. Each specialist must complete at least 200 brow treatments before they are qualified to do the job. 
  • Browhaus offers 2 different styles of Brow Resurrection, Natural and Define. Natural is finer and lighter version of Define and requires a shorter downtime as compared to Define. 
Before starting the procedure, Faye, my therapist, shaped and drew my brows to show me the how my brows would look like at the end of the procedure.
Once she was done, she then explained why she shaped them in that manner and also to check that I like the look.
After making sure I was comfortable, she then proceeded to apply the numbing cream and I had to wait about 15 to 20 minutes for the cream to take effect.

I was assured by Faye that there wouldn't be any pain and I could plug in my earphones and listen to my favorite music during the procedure. With all these assurance, I definitely felt that I was in the good hands of Faye!
Faye working her magic. True to her words, I didn't feel any pain and was feeling pretty relaxed throughout the procedure.
Fifteen minutes later and tadah! Love how my brows look! So much tidier and define, yet they look natural. Best of all, there was no pain, only a slight discomfort (but bearable) after the effect of the numbing cream wore off. Was also informed by Faye it would take about 3 to 5 days for it to fade.
My brows in the way that I always draw them. Feels happy knowing that I can save some preparation time every other day!
All ready for my dinner date with Trisha after the procedure!
The above photos were taken last Saturday and you can see that the tone of my brows is a shade lighter but they are still define and natural looking. Just that way I like them to be.
I'm really pleased with the results of Brow Resurrection and had received plenty of compliments. can't wait to go for my touch-up session to even out the tone.

For those of you who are thinking of doing something to your brows, Browhaus is definitely the place to go.

Browhaus is currently having a Brow Resurrection promotion, a Brow Resurrection Trial at S$300.

Specially for my readers though, Browhaus is giving an additional 10% off, so you only have to pay S$270 for the Brow Resurrection Trial! All you have to do is quote "Grace Hung" when making your appointment to enjoy this special promotion.

Promotion is valid till 30th September 2014 and for one-time redemption. Valid at all Browhaus outlets except Browhaus One Raffles Place.

This promotion is not usually on the menu so it's definitely worth giving it a try.

That's all I have for today's beauty post and I will be back soon with more updates!

Till the next, stay happy!

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