Monday, March 10, 2014


Hello (to whoever is still checking out this space)!

It's been a good one month and more since this space was updated. February was a hectic month for me, way busier than any of the last of the couple of months. 

The reason for my disappearance was cause I made the decision to return to the corporate world after a year's break from it. The opportunity presented itself late last year and after much contemplation, I decided to give the corporate world another shot. It's a niche industry, one that I'd never thought I would one day stepped into, which was why I decided to give it a try. After all, it's always good to learn more, no?

Returning to the corporate world meant making changes (plenty of it) to my lifestyle. No more late nights (3.00am bed time is non existent now), waking up before the sky lights up and clocking 9 hours daily. After enjoying a year of flexible schedule meant I had some difficulty adapting to this new lifestyle. A month on, I'm quite happy to say that my body has more or less adapted to this new lifestyle, though I have to admit that my bed really seems so much more comfortable in the morning. 

Waking up at 6.00am daily meant that my energy dropped to a dangerously low level by the time I leave the office at 6.00pm. By the time I reached home, I'm all ready to wolf down dinner, shower, laze for a while and then hit the sack. 

Weekends meant sleeping in late, doing house chores, catching up on reading, yoga and attending workshops. There were times when I was tired, I literally slept the whole Sunday (just like yesterday). To some, it's a waste of time to sleep the whole day but to me, it a must. Rest is more important to me than heading on. If I don't rest, it's only a matter that I'll fall sick again and that is not what I need now. 

With this kind of schedule, it also meant that I had to sacrifice certain stuff, like blogging for instance. Much as I want to blog, my brain and body just wouldn't cooperate. And that explains my disappearance from here. 

So will I be shutting this blog? The answer is a definite NO.

Writing and blogging is still one of my passion and there are plenty of memories here that I will never bear to shut it down. 

Now that my body is more or less attuned to this new lifestyle, I'm also trying to work out a schedule where I hope I'll be able to blog at least twice a week. 

And that's the end of this quick update. Till the next, have a great evening!

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