Tuesday, January 28, 2014


It has become a tradition for me to do a yearly review since 2011 though I admit that laziness often gets the better of me (from all the year end celebrations) that the post got posted only in January the following year. Still, it's better than late never and it's fun reading the previous year's post. Before writing this entry, I read through the posts for 2011 and 2012 and realized how some things remained unchanged and how some others had changed for the better/worse. 

2013 had been nothing short of an amazing journey, full of highs and lows, good and bad. Lessons learnt and more wonderful memories added to the memory bank. As cliched as it sounds, I cannot say how thankful I am to be blessed with those who not only celebrated the highs and good but also stood by me during the lows and bad. 

As I write the new pages of 2014, let's take a walk down memory lane in the year that was 2013. 

Two years of keeping my hair short and dark later, I decided start growing it out and have a change of color.  I do miss the crop do though cause it cuts down preparation time by a lot and for someone who's not a morning riser, shorter preparation time = more time in bed. Who knows I might just snip it off again soon. 
After nearly 3 years with the organization, I decided to escape from the cubicle rat race. Much as I miss the lovely people, the camaraderie that we had formed, been given plenty of opportunities, it was a decision that I had to make. I had been working non-stop since my early twenties and felt that it was time work take a back seat and my family and more importantly myself be the focus.
Photography has always been my passion, it's my way of preserving the wonderful memories, an outlet for me to express myself when words couldn't. Yet I hadn't really been making the effort to explore and learn and improve on my photography. With more time on hand, I no longer had any excuses. Still life and minimal photography was something which I ventured, no, stumbled should be the word, in 2013. This was one of the best thing that happened. Along the road I've learnt, be inspired and made friends. I'm still learning and I hope that in 2014, I will be able to push myself past the boundaries and put out more and better photos.
Flowers on the other hand never fails to bring cheer to my life. One of my childhood dream was to be a florist, so that I can be surrounded by flowers everyday. For practical reasons I had to pick something that was unable to provide me with a more stable income. But I had never given up on this passion. Late last year I decided that I was done with just thinking, it was time to put everything in action.
With information and tutorials readily available (thank you Google), I bought fresh flowers from the wet market every week, spending not more than S$10 each time and started learning flowers arrangement. Honestly, I'm amazed by the effort and time I'm willing to put in; waking up early, reading and watching tutorials after tutorials, standing by the sink cutting, trimming, arranging the flowers and then photographing them.
This year, one of my goals to arrange a few hand bouquets for my loved ones. If time and money permits, I would also like to sign up for an advance course in flower arrangements too.
Celebrated the holy matrimony of a few amazing couples. 
Hopped on a boat cruise with two of my lovely girl friends. 
Attended Spring Wave 2013 concert with my Bud Buds. The mando-pop industry has always been my favorite (though I write more in English) and one of the items on my bucket list is to attend the Spring Wave concert in Kenting, Taiwan. I have not got around to fulfilling that wish of mine but I had my first taste of the concert when Spring Wave 2013 was held in Singapore last year.
Baby Yue Jee turning ONE! Ok, I'll have to stop calling him Baby. 
Gave myself one of the best birthday present ever; ticket to OPUS JAY 2013World Tour! Being the Jay Chou fan that I am how can I ever miss his concert? 3 hours of sing and scream fest in the company of thousands of Jay fans, that is one birthday present I would love to give myself every year.
Said hello to 32 in the company of some of the most amazing people in my life. Truthfully speaking, I don't have many friends. I can count the number of close friends that have stood by me through the years. Friendship, like any other relationships takes time and effort to grow and maintain. There are times when people grow closer, at time they don't. I used to beat myself up when certain friendships didn't work out but as I grew older, I've realized that I shouldn't be so hard of myself. People change; maybe the paths that we had treaded before were the same, but then it became different. That's life. What's most important are those angels who have remained in my life, always loving me for who I am, standing by my side through the ups and downs, dishing me advice and most of all, never judging me and accepting me for who I am.
Caught "Phantom of the Opera". Finally. It has been one of my greatest wish to watch a musical but each time, it's either I couldn't make it or I couldn't find someone to watch it with me (none of my friends are into musicals). Now I finally have a companion who enjoys musicals as much as I do, my sweet cousin. Not only did we watch Phantom, we also caught "Crazy Christmas: Ting Tong Belles", one the best local production ever. Here's to more musicals and productions in 2014!
The National Museum became my first home, sleep became a luxury but best of all, I was glad to be part of Night Festival 2013. It was when I handled a fashion show on my own (booking and managing of the models, coordinating fittings and rehearsals). This was one experience that I truly enjoyed and one that I will not trade for anything else. 
Participated in my first ever charity run walk. 
Had my one and only vacation for the year and my first ever overseas concert. Yes, it was a night of scream and sing fest all over again. Only Jay Chou has the ability to do this. Which reminds me, I really ought to get down to finish the entries for the HongKong travelogue. 
Baked a banana cake for the first time and received rave reviews!


Phew, that was a another long entry. This was supposed to be up last week but I didn't want to publish an entry that was done in a rush, I wanted to really sit down, reminisce and savor all the memories once more. This entry marks the end of "The Best of 2013" series and now's time to create even more wonderful memories for 2014.

Till the next, stay happy and have a blessed day ahead!

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