Thursday, January 30, 2014


Olá a todos! That's Portugese for hello everyone. 

I'm happy to present another 2 stunning thermal polishes from Black Cat Lacquer today. I'm now on a mission to collect her thermal polishes ever since I tried Poison Apple (reviewed here).
Evergreen is a vibrant shade of green when it's warm, changes to dark green when it's cold and comes with a sprinkle of holo dust. 
One unique feature of Black Cat Lacquer thermal polishes is that they are scented! For Evergreen it came with a apple cinnamon scent and I couldn't help holding my fingers near my face so that I could catch a whiff of the scent. If only all nail polishes smell so nice! #justsaying

I rarely wear green polish but I had this on for a week! Not forgetting the number of compliments I received. 
Spot the sparkle from the holo dust!

Up next is Magic Spell!
A scattered holo thermal polish, Magic Spell changes from purple (warm) to a dark purple (cold).
Shown above is how it looks when it's warm.
Transitioning from warm to cold.
Finally when it's cold. 

Have you managed to guess what scent it has judging by it's color? A sweet berry scent! This scent is definitely my favorite! 

Polishes used:
Star Nails Base Coat
Black Cat Lacquer Evergreen
Black Cat Lacquer Magic Spell
Glisten & Glow HKG Top Coat

Black Cat Lacquer is available at her store here and also at Mei Mei's Signatures.

I believe both Evergreen and Magic Spell is currently out of stock on Mei Mei's Signatures so do follow her on Instagram and Facebook for updates on the restock.

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