Saturday, December 14, 2013


Hi everyone!

Today I have another color changing polish from Pretty & Polished to share. You guys must be wondering why don't I review everything at one go right? Sometimes I wish I can do that, but unfortunately I don't have the luxury of time to sit down and write a long post. Apart from that, I'm one who can't still for a long time, I'll get bored easily and won't be able to write anymore. Sometimes I wondered if I have ADHD.

All right, before I digress any further, the star for today is Dolli-pop!
A mesmerizing shade of blue at normal body temperature. I chose to pair with Polish Me Silly (previously known as Lush Lacquer) Lite Brite. Love how the glitters added a fun and carnival feel to the look. 
A gorgeous shade of deep shade when cold. .
During transition. Isn't it amazing?

Pretty & Polished is available at their store here and also at Mei Mei's Signatures. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates and information on new collections and colors.

On another note, I will probably take a break from thermal polishes for a while and shower some love on my other polishes. With Christmas and New Year round the corner, I figured it's time to dress up my nails. So don't forget to check back here for more updates on Nails Talk!

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