Wednesday, November 20, 2013


"Once you have travelled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. 
The mind can never break off from the journey." 
~ Pat Conroy ~

It's been a year since I last made my way to Perth and what a better way to reminisce the trip with a last post for the trip. You may click on the respective links below to read about the previous entries. 

The last day in Perth saw me waking up to breakfast lovingly prepared by Uncle. A simple dish of flat noodles in mushroom soup yet delicious and heart warming. Walked around the backyard after breakfast and it's funny how I never walked around the compound the whole week until my last day. 

It was then that I found out that my Uncle is actually growing grapes and mulberries in their own backyard. I guess that the good thing about having your own backyard where you can grow your own plants, vegetables and fruits instead of having to pay for them. Residing in a flat in Singapore means I'll never have the chance to grow my own food unless I can afford a landed property. 
Exploration completed, Teryn and I then set off for Westfield Carousel. Located on Albany Highway, it's the biggest shopping mall in Perth with 294 retailers. I remembered when I visited Westfield Carousel for the first time ten years ago and was awed by it's size. Not anymore, having visited our own Marina Bay Shoppes. 

First stop was Miss Maud; an award winning Swedish pastry house with more than four decades of history in Western Australia. The first Miss Maud Pastry House opened in City Arcade Perth and to date there are fifteen outlets, the landmark Swedish Hotel and Restaurant, a 24-hour Swedish Backhouse and also Catering Platters. 

Walking into a Miss Maud Pastry House is akin to walking into pastry heaven. Customers are spoilt for choices with a wide selection of sumptuous sandwiches, their famous mouth-watering and delicious cakes, pastries and light meals. I probably would had spent a fortune on the cakes and pastries if not for the fact that I was full from breakfast. Settled for a lemon tart in the end. 

The pastry was crisp and the lemon filling was just nice, not too sour nor sweet. It's one of the best lemon tart I've tasted in my quest for the perfect lemon tart. 

Miss Maud Pastry House
Westfield Carousel Shopping Centre (near Woolworths)
1382 Albany Hwy
Cannington, Western Australia, 6107

Next stop was Woolworths to stock stock on groceries to bring home! Visiting hyper-marts is one of my favorite activity whenever I'm in Australia or America.

My must-buys on every Australia trip are Sara Lee's Apple Crumble and Schweppes Lemonade, both unavailable in Singapore. The now defunct ThreeSixty Marketplace used to stock Schweppes Lemonade at a pricey S$3.00 for a small can. Which is why I will usually bring back half a dozen cans. I had combed all the super and hyper marts in Singapore with zero results so the only time I get to eat this is when I'm in Australia or when my relatives lugged it back. 

Groceries shopping completed, we then spent some time window shopping and wandering around the mall before heading to the city for lunch. 

With our tummies filled, we then took advantage of the chilly weather to explore the city and burn off the calories. What I love about the city is that it's not crowded and nobody's in a rush. There's always something interesting every corner you turn. Nestled amongst the departmental stores are quaint little boutiques filled with awesome merchandises. Though I hardly shop overseas I will still pop in to the departmental store to stay updated with the latest trends. Most times I will walk away empty handed but sometimes I will score a good deal (like in Bloomingdales) and end up with a bag or two.
People often complain that Perth is a boring city but I disagree. There's so much to see and do; it's all about making the effort to explore. If you are a shopper, I would recommend that you go to HongKong, Taiwan or America, there are better deals there. If you are an explorer then Australia is the place. There might not be much to see at night but I don't have any issues with that since I'm usually back in the hotel and catch up on rest when night falls. 

Headed back home after settling dinner in the city. Spent the last few hours packing my luggage, tidying the room I had called home for the week, rested and before I knew it, it was time to make my way to the airport for flight home. As I was taking the 2.00am flight (SQ216) back to Singapore, most of the shops at the airport was closed save for the book store where I grabbed a couple of magazines. 

Woke to sunrise four and a half hours later,  landed in the all too familiar Changi International Airport, Terminal 3 thirty minutes later and then it was home sweet home. And this marks the end of the Perth Travel Diary. 

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