Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fundraising for Teh Siao Yuan's Liver Transplant Surgery

Hello everyone!

Sometime back in April, I did a review on Love Me More, a charity polish created by Lex Cosmetics for Mei Mei's Signatures for general donation. You can read more about it here.

Right now Mei Mei is selling Love Me More to raise fund for her niece, Siao Yuan, to undergo a liver transplant. Siao Yuan has been suffering from liver malfunction since the tender age of 2 months. With her condition worsening recently and after many consultations with several doctors, the best solution is to send her to Singapore for a liver transplant surgery.

As we know, medical fees for surgeries like that are always sky high and put a burden on the patient's family. Which is why Mei Mei is organizing this fundraising sale to raise funds for Siao Yuan's surgery.

Each bottle of Love Me More retails at SGD13.00 (inclusive of normal postage in Singapore) and for each bottle sold, SGD5.00 will be donated to help Siao Yuan's parents with the medical fees. Mei Mei's Signatures ships internationally too, so those of you who are residing overseas, you too can help. The fundraising sale had commenced on 16th November 2013 and will end on 31st December 2013.

It's really sad for Siao Yuan to be suffering from this condition at such a young age; there's still so much more for her to see, to learn and to experience. So let us show them some love and support.

You can help by purchasing Love Me More here. You can also check out Mei Mei's Signatures Facebook Page and Instagram for more details.

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