Thursday, October 31, 2013


Just like that we are now at the last day of October. Glad that I'd managed to find time to do another pink mani for Polish Us Pink - BCA 2013 before we say goodbye to October. 
For this set of nails, I chose Pretty & Polished Day Trippin', the thermal polish that sparked off my love for color changing polishes. This was also featured on my Instagram earlier in May which you can see here

Since I had already wore it on its own previously, I decided to add on a coat of Cover Band Sticks 'n Stones for a different look. 
Depending on the temperature, Day Trippin' changes from a pretty pink to a gorgeous shade of dark purple. The photos above show how it looks when it's in the "cold mode". To get this color, I dipped my fingers into a bowl of ice water which is why you can see droplets of water on my fingers. 

Being in air-conditioned room coupled with the rainy weather recently meant this is what it looks on me most of the time. 
This is during the transition state from the "cold mode" to the "warm mode". As my nails are longer, you can see that tips are a shade of purple. Out of the three shades, this is also my favorite. 
Finally, in it's "warm mode" when it's heated up by our body temperature. A really nice shade of pink with flecks of shimmer that's camera shy. Though I'm not a pink lover, this is one pink that I don't mind wearing. 

So there, my second and final pink mani for Polish Us Pink - BCA 2013. Though I did not don as many pink nails this year, I'm still happy that I managed to participate. Don't forget to  check out #PolishUsPink and #bcamani2013 on Instagram for more pink manicures. 

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