Wednesday, October 02, 2013


This is probably one of the longest period that I had not updated this space. I'd only just realized that it's been almost two month since my last update!

The not so recent Singapore Night Festival had me working like a cow everyday without any off days in the last three weeks in August and early last month. This has also got to be the longest that I'd worked without any off days in recent years.
During this period, the National Museum became my first home whilst my own home got relegated to a "hotel" where I would head back for a shower, catch a few hours of sleep and then head out again. Getting my daily requirement of eight hours of sleep became a luxury, by the time September arrived, I had accumulated more than thirty hours of sleep debt.

Regular meal times became non-existent; most days, survival depended on only one meal a day. By the time I had time to eat, I either had no appetite or could barely summoned any energy to feed myself, choosing to fall flat on my bed instead.

Sleep deprivation and lack of food aside, the whole experience had been nothing but fun and amazing. Getting down on our hands and knees, cutting and tying wires, getting numerous cuts on our hands, enduring chipped nails, enduring aching shoulders from carrying a huge pile of bamboos from one place to another, aching feet very much in need of foot reflexology from all the endless walking from one location to another, all these suffered willingly just so everything would be perfect.

Working with the international performers, forging new friendships, catching up with old friends, this is an experience which I would hold dear to my heart. That being said, there were unhappy moments too but those were nothing compared to the happier times.

Scooted off for my first vacation this year after the festival ended and came back only to nurse a bad bout of flu, sore throat and fever which also explains my long absence from this space. Am still feeling a little under a weather though. The recent erratic weather hasn't been helping much but I sure hope that with ample rest, I'll get better soon.

Till the next update, here are some photographic memories from the festival.

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