Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Keep smilin', keep shinin'
Knowing you can always count on me for sure
That's what friends are for
For good times and bad times
I'll be on your side forever more
That's what friends are for
~Dionne Warwick and Friends, << That's What Friends Are For >>, 1983~

Hi guys!

How's everyone doing after the holidays? I hope everyone had an amazing time and rested well. This short break couldn't have been timelier as my life will be practically sold to work for the coming weeks till the end of August. Spent the holidays catching on sleep, tidying up my room and clearing stuff, watched Smurfs 2, finished reading some of the books that have been sitting on my bedside table and had a photo shoot session with my family. 

Though a good part of the holidays was spent at home, it was nonetheless fulfilling to check off some of the items in my to do list and spend time on my own, something which I've been meaning to do for the past few months. 

Now that I'm well rested, I figured it's time to finish updating about July before I amassed a whole bunch of backlog again. 
As mentioned in my previous update, birthday celebrations would never be complete without spending it with the Twin. People are often confused when I mentioned the Twin; if you have known me long enough, you will know the Twin is a very close friend of mine who shares the same birthday as me. We were born not only on the same day, but same month and year too. 

We started off as working partners; she was my client back then. We hit it off the moment we met and our friendship blossomed from there. Till now, I still find it hard to believe that out of the millions of people, I'd found someone who shares the exact same birthday as me. 

The Twin has always been an important fixture in my life. We might not see each other as often now, but whenever we meet, she will be the one that I share everything with. From work to family to personal stuff, she's one that I feel most comfortable talking to. 

For the past few years, birthday celebration  has always been dinner followed by drinks and it was no different this year. Because of work commitments and what nots, we no longer have the luxury to meet as regularly, that is why, every time we meet, we always make sure that we spend quality time with each other. This is also why I only have one photo from this year's celebration; we were too engrossed in talking that we totally forgot about taking photos until we were about to make our way home. 

It's been almost a decade since our friendship started and though our lives have changed, what remains unchanged is our love for each other and here's to more wonderful memories and a never changing friendship.
July also saw me catching up with another fabulous group of people that I had known for almost two decades. It's really hard for our group to get together because of our conflicting schedules which it's why they rarely make an appearance here. 

The chance to meet up finally came when Sandra who relocated to Shanghai earlier this year came back for a holiday. The date, time and location was finally settled after endless messaging and re-shuffling of dates on our group chat. 

Breko at Holland Village had always been our default meeting place, but because Kenneth wanted a change of place, it was off to Woody Family Cafe at near Sembawang Park. No photos taken there because we were too hungry and couldn't wait to tuck into our food. Not only that, we decided that it was not worth our effort because the food tasted horrible and the service was terrible to say the least. That's one place that we definitely won't feel compel to head back anytime. 

After a round of not so satisfying dinner, we decided to pop over to Handle Bar, a place that we have heard so much about but have never got round to visiting. One thing to note though, it's better to drive if you are planning a visit to Handle Bar. It's location is really inaccessible by public transport and the chances of flagging a cab there when it's to head home is practically close to zero. 
With the moonlight and sea breeze as our companion, we travelled back in time to the our teenage days. Those were the days where we were all carefree with no worries in the world. When it was fun, studies and examinations though not in that order. 

Highlight of the night? Scrolling through our friends list in Facebook and searching for those whom we remembered but were no longer in contact. Some we managed to find, others remained untraceable.
Over mugs of beer, glasses of apple cider, white wine, lemon tea and a plate of cheese fries, the star of the night, Sandra then filled us in on her life in Shanghai. The who, what, where and why. Tidbits of information that will come in handy should we visit Shanghai one day. 

One by one, we took turns to update the rest on our lives. Work, relationships, and an endless stream of topics that we talked about under the moonlight. The teasing and the jokes by the guys that have become part and parcel of every gathering. 

They say time passes by real fast especially when you are happy. Before we knew it, the lights at the bar started to going off and it was the signal for us to call it a night. But not before hugs and well wishes for Sandra were exchanged.
"You can go through life and make new friends every year - every month practically - but there was never any substitute for those friendships of childhood that survive into adult years. Those are the ones in which we are bound to one another with hoops of steel."
~Alexander McCall Smith~

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