Friday, July 12, 2013

Amazing June

带我飞翔 到个安全的地方
幸福不难 就在前方
有你陪在我身旁 我才勇敢
~龚芝怡, <<幸福不难>>, 2013~

Hello peeps!

Just like that, and we are now at the second half of the year! The last few weeks been packed with activities which explains the lack of update here again. Really happy that I can finally sit down in front of my Mac and update this space again.

Last month was one of the most amazing month till date for this year. Jay Chou concert, the long awaited family stay-cation with my awesome family and memorable birthday celebrations with my girl friends!

To whoever is in-charge up that, I just want to say this, thank you for blessing me with all the lovely angels in my life and for making sure that I'm loved despite the fact that I yet to meet that special one.

Before I start getting into another busy mode, here's a look back at amazing June!


6 June 2013

The weekend officially started with dinner with my lovely girlfriend who's finally back from her month long honeymoon. Had been looking forward to this day because it's the first time that we had not seen each for so long; we try to make it a point to spend quality time at least once or twice a month.

Dinner was settled Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice, which sadly, has already ended their business. Not many know this, but this place holds lots of fond memories for me. My parents started patronizing them when they were dating, till they got married, and then when we were born. Other than the braised duck from Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice and that of Mummy love, I rarely eat that from other stalls because I grew up eating theirs. Now that they are no longer in business, I don't know if I will ever have braised duck rice outside again.

Once dinner was settled, we made our way to JCube since my dear girlfriend who has always been an easterner, had yet to step foot there. After a short tour of the place, it was time for some dessert at Eat@Taipei. The next hour was spent catching up and bonding with each other, times like these are often what makes me feel truly blessed.

7 June to 8 June 2013
Friday, Saturday

The long awaited family stay-cation at Hard Rock Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa! This was also our first family staycation so we were pretty excited about it. Thanks to my brother-in-law who made this happened!

After checking into the hotel and settling down, we then proceeded to the S.E.A. Aquarium. A word of caution, do avoid the school holidays and weekends if you are planning a trip there. Otherwise, be prepared for the constant jostling, and tonnes of screaming kids.

Unfortunately, I was unable to spend the rest of the evening with my family as I had to rush off for the concert. By the time I went back to the hotel, everyone was already fast asleep.

Saturday was spent at Adventure Cove where we spent more than one and a half hour queuing for a thirty seconds ride, and another forty-five minutes for a less than ten seconds ride. -.-''' If you haven't been there, I won't recommend going there. Your money can be spend on better stuff.

By the time we were done with the second ride, we decided we had enough of all the queues and headed back to the hotel to chill by the pool instead. After a relaxing swim and short rest, we then took a stroll along Sentosa Broadwalk before heading to VivoCity for dinner and then it was off for the movie, Now You See Me.

9 June 2013

After a good night's rest, it was time to say goodbye to Hard Rock Hotel and make our way home. Rested for a while before heading out to meet my dearest cousins for dinner before the the kiddo got enlisted on Tuesday, and Ella flew off to London.

Dinner was Vegan Burg, and it was my first time there. This is one place which I recommend for those who are on the lookout for places serving vegetarian food.

16 June 2013

Birthday celebrations officially started! My awesome girlfriend together with her hubby started planning my birthday celebrations way before and I knew nothing about it. Their initial plan was to bring me to the aquarium because they knew that was one of the places that I had been meaning to visit. Luckily both of them found out that I was going there with family so they change the itinerary for the day. 

Through this, I realized that Jill is one of the very few people who really knows me well and remembers what I like. I merely mentioned previously that I had wanted to explore the Tiong Bahru estate but have not been able to find anyone to do that with me and the dear girl actually remembered that. With that in mind, the both of them arranged for us to have brunch at Flock Cafe. I was really touched by the kind gesture and also how Terence sacrifice his tennis practice to spend the day with me. The two of them really made feel like a princess that day; they actually came down all the way from the east to pick me up from home and I stayed in the west. Honestly, they are the only ones who will never hesitate to go the extra mile for me.

After a sumptuous brunch session, we then explored the estate, popping into Books Actually where I got the lastest issue of Kinfolk magazine and then stopping by Woods in the Books. Another to visit place checked off the list.

Some photo taking later, we then headed to VivoCity for the second part of the day, movie session at Golden Village. Movie for the day was Epic, something easy on the brains. I have to admit that I did not think much of the movie initially, it wasn't even on my to watch list, but after watching it, I changed my mind about the movie and have to say it was a really good movie.

We then headed off to Haagen-Daz after the movie session to chill out before calling it a day. What I didn't know was that there was another surprise in store for me. While we were browsing through the menu, Jill went off to the counter on the pretext of talking to her cousin who was working there. Shortly after she came back, her cousin came over to our table with a special ice cream "cake" and right in the middle was a lighted candle. I was speechless because I hadn't expected that. Both Jill and Terence don't know this; I almost teared when I saw that.

In the last few years, other than having a simple dinner with my family, my Twin and Bud Buds, I haven't really celebrated my birthday. Just last year, I spent it alone in Vietnam in the hotel room, typing my thoughts away on the laptop. Which was why I really touched by Jill's effort, she planned not one but two birthday celebrations for me, and for two consecutive days. 

Over the years, spending time alone has become the norm for me, since most of my close friends (except the Bud Buds) have already settled down and their family or other half is now their top priority. But with Jill and Terence, they always make it a point to include me in their outings, many times against my protests (cause I don't want to play gooseberry too often). Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude towards the both of them and their constant love for me. One thing's for sure though, this is one friendship that I will never trade it for anything else. 

17 June 2013

Eve of the birthday was spent in the company of a group lovely girlfriends from CG. Settled for dinner at Saveur's new branch at Far East Plaza. The memorable bit from this night was when everyone in the restaurant sang along when the girls were singing the birthday song for me. Gosh, I was really embarrassed but had a good time laughing away after that.

Was really touched when I saw what they had bought for me, the Polaroid 600 Land Camera! Another addition to my little family and for me to continue creating beautiful memories. Thank you girls for showering me with your love. 

18 June 2013

After two days of celebrations with my girls, I decided to spend my birthday with the most important people in my life, my family. Lunch with Mummy love, brother and Vivienne at Canton Paradise since brother had to work that night. Dinner with Mummy love, sister, brother-in-law and Vivienne at Sushi Tei at the newly opened JEM later in the evening.

Even though it was nothing fanciful, I was happy and contented just to be in the company of my family. Being in their presence was the best present that I could ever have. 

28 June 2013

The last Saturday of June was spent in the company of my lively cousins. My favorite Noob had his first book out and because his brother was back from Perth for a short break, it was the perfect time to meet up. Just nice Monsters University was showing, so we had a movie date. Another awesome night filled with endless bouts of laughter, jokes and good ribbing. It's amazing how we can all get along despite the huge age gap. Can't wait for the next outing with the kiddos again!


And that pretty much sums up my amazing June. 

Even though I don't have that special someone by my side, I'm blessed to be loved by my family and my close friends and that is enough to make me happy. Shall end this entry with a quote that came to my mind as I was typing this entry.

Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers,
the believers and thinkers,
but most of all,
surround yourself with those who see greatness within you,
even when you don't see it yourself. 

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