Tuesday, May 07, 2013


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It's been a while since I last updated this space; decided to take some time off the various social media last week to clear my thoughts and mind. I'm actually not really that eager to get back on the various social media but I figured it's about time I update this space.

I'm happy to say that May got off to a great start and it looks pretty good moving forward. Kick started May with Spring Wave Singapore, also known as 春浪 2013, last Saturday. Spring Wave is a music festival held in the southern part of Taiwan, Kenting and it's Taiwan's number one outdoor music festival.

The annual music festival attracts no less than 20,000 concert goers each year, gathering free spirited people who comes together to have fun and make friends of similar music interest. Spring Wave also promotes peace and love on earth.

Singapore is their first overseas stop outside Taiwan and being a huge fan of the mandarin music industry, this was one event that I couldn't miss. I have always wanted to attend the festival in Taiwan but somehow I have never found the chance to do so. When it was announced that Spring Wave would be coming to Singapore, Bud Bud Michael and myself was ecstatic! After confirming our availability, we wasted no time in getting the tickets.

Spring Wave Singapore was held at The Meadows at Gardens by the Bay and we were joking that it should be called Summer Wave instead because the weather was nothing like the weather of spring. There was a snaking queue when we reached at 3.00pm and sad to say, I gotten slightly tanner after standing in the hot sun for close to 45 minutes while waiting to enter.
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Artist line-up included Olivia Ong 王俪婷, Joanna Wang 王若琳, Zhang Zhen Yue 張震嶽, Cheer Chen 陳綺貞, Jam Hsiao 蕭敬騰 and Wu Bai 伍佰

The unique element differentiating Spring Wave from other outdoor concerts is each artist gets to perform a full hour set with their own band flown in from Taiwan. Unfortunately that wasn't the case for Singapore. By the time each band were done with their sound checks, 15 minutes had passed and each artist performed for only 30 minutes with the exception of Wu Bai 伍佰 who extended his performance to 45 minutes. The organizers might want to extend the duration of the performance for future Spring Wave Festival. 
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My favorite performances had to be those of Zhang Zhen Yue 張震嶽, Cheer Chen 陳綺貞 and Wu Bai 伍佰. Grew up listening to the songs of these few artists and hearing them belting out the familiar songs brought back lots of memories.

It was 10.00pm by the time the last performance ended and we couldn't wait to fill our stomachs and head back home to take a long shower. All in all, other than the killer weather, we had a good time and I will definitely be back again for the next Spring Wave!


Alfred said...

Is a outdoor event without shade? Is this coming sat also the same? What if it rain?

Grace Ting said...

Yeap, it's outdoor without shade, and it's a rain or shine event. It rained last year, and the show continued. Best to bring along an umbrella/poncho unless you don't mind getting wet. :)