Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Journey with Essensuals Bugis

Hello there!

It's finally time to update this space. Today, I'm not going to write about nails or updates on my life, instead, I want to write about something which I have been meaning to but have not found time to do so until now.

I remember when I was 17, I had a disastrous case of failed hair straightening. Back then, straight hair was the rage and since I have natural curls, I too jumped in and got my hair straightened. Three hours later, what I received was a head of frizzy hair! It was so badly damaged that I had to snip off my below shoulder length hair to a short bob. Though the hair-stylist was very apologetic and offered me five free treatments to get my hair back to its original condition, the damage was done and I swore to never visit that particular salon again.

Thankfully I managed to find another hair-stylist, a family friend. For more than 10 years, she was the one whom I went to whenever I needed to get my hair cut, colored or for treatment. However, as time went by, I realized that her charges were getting more and more exorbitant for the same services. On top of that, though I turned up on time for my appointments, many a time, I had to wait for an hour or more before she came to me. That and the ever increasing cost of her services made me decide to look for another hair stylist.

It took me a while to find that another hair-stylist that I could place my trust in and whose charges were reasonable as well. I'm not a rich kid and honestly I don't believe in paying a hand or leg for a haircut. If that was the case, those neighborhood hair salons would have all closed down by now. After a few months, I managed to find one that I could trust and since then I have been going to him for my hair cuts, color and treatments.

On the day that I found Essensuals Bugis, I was actually looking for a salon to get my fringe straightened. I went to several salons in Bugis Junction and all of them quoted more than S$100 for that service. Seriously, who pays more than S$50 to get their fringe straightened? Essensuals Bugis was my last hope and my prayer was answered when they quoted me S$50. I was pretty happy with the end result but I wasn't sure if the hair-stylist who straightened my fringe was the one I could trust.

So I decided to go back to him for a hair cut the following month and well, the rest is history. I have been going to Essensuals Bugis since 2011 and I'm happy to say that I had made the right choice in going to them back then. Wayne, my hair-stylist, is always patient with me (he knows how particular I am when it comes to my hair), attentive and meticulous, he doesn't rush through hair cuts, coloring or treatments and always recommends what's best and suits me. Ever since I started going to him, I had gotten much compliments about my hair cut and color. What I really like is that he doesn't hard sell unlike some of the hair-stylists that I had encountered.

It's been two years since I patronised Essensuals Bugis and I thought, why not write an entry about my journey with Essensuals Bugis. Now, this is not an advertorial, I always believed that good things are meant to be shared and trust me when I say that Wayne is good. Those who knows me will know that I only recommend services, shops or people whom I have tried and is good. I don't believe in recommending or sharing just for the sake of doing it. Everyone's money is hard-earned, so I want to make sure what I shared is worth the time, effort and money.

This was my hair at its longest when I first visited Essensuals Bugis. The photo on the left shows my fringe before being straightened. It was getting a little too long and messy but you can't really tell from the photo. The photo on the right was taken after my fringe was straightened and trim by Wayne. Looks so much neater.

The photo on the left was taken after my second visit to Essensuals Bugis and getting my hair trimmed. It was so much more manageable after Wayne did his magic and that pretty much sealed the deal. The one on the right is last photo of me with long hair.

I've never been known to have a same hairstyle for long and with long hair, I realized I was experiencing hair loss at an alarming rate. After contemplating for a long time and much discussion with Wayne, I decided to cut it short. I remembered Wayne was quite shock at my decision and kept asking me if I was sure. He was afraid that I would regret my decision and he didn't want to see me cry if I regretted my decision in the end. But then, it's just hair and will grow back anyway, so I told him to proceed.

I was looking at a pixie cut but as I wasn't confident if I could carried it off, Wayne gave me a bob with side swept fringe. When I first saw my new look, I was really amazed by how refreshed I look and I look so much younger too!

Just before Chinese New Year in 2012, I decided to go all the way and snipped my hair real short. All fears of not being able to carry this hairstyle dissipated when Wayne was done with the haircut. I really love the edgy and yet chic look. Though I gave everyone a shock with this hairstyle, I received nothing but compliments. Almost everyone said I looked really refresh and the hairstyle really suited me.

What I love about this hairstyle was that it cut down my preparation time in the morning by a lot! It also took me a much shorter time to get it dry. My only gross was that I had to get it trim once every two months to maintain the length. Looking at these photos, I really miss having this hairstyle and am thinking if I should cut my hair this short again.

This was taken in March 2012 after I returned from Japan. By then, it was getting a little too long for my liking so I visited Wayne to get it trim.

Half a year later, I decided to grow out the short hair and thus began the arduous journey of growing it out. This was taken when I was in Hanoi and as you can see, it was much longer. At this stage, the drying time was getting a little longer but was still manageable.

Just before I headed to Perth, I visited Wayne again for another trim and this time round, he gave me my signature look; back to having a short fringe. But this time round, no more straightening.

For the longest time ever, I always had dark colored hair. I guessed I got used to it when I was still flying and had never thought of trying a new color. Since I was going to color my hair for Chinese New Year, Wayne suggested going for a lighter shade. As always, I was skeptical but decided to trust him.

The photos above showed how I before and after getting the new color. Everyone was complimenting how much younger I look and looking at the photos, I really do agree that the new color did shaved a few years off my age. Really glad that I trusted Wayne's recommendation once again.

These photos were taken recently in April and earlier this month. After what seems like a long, long time, I can finally tie my hair up again. A relief in this hot sweltering weather.

If you look carefully, my fringe was pretty uneven in the photo on the right. This was because I actually trimmed my fringe on my own! I didn't have time to make a visit down to Essensuals Bugis so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Wayne almost flipped when I told him about it! *laughs*

After enduring my overgrown and extremely unkempt mane for at least three months cause I couldn't find time to pay Wayne a visit, I decided I had enough and managed to find some time to head down to Essensuals Bugis. Wayne was shocked at how messy my hair and asked me how I managed to endure it. I replied sheepishly that I tied it up most of the time.

Since I had neglected my poor mane for so long, Wayne decided to also give me a Japanese spa treatment to nourish my hair back to health. The difference in my hair texture and condition was evident and I love how silky smooth and manageable my hair is now. What's more, treatments done at Essensuals Bugis really last!

After the treatment was completed, Wayne then gave me a trim and voila, I have nice looking and neat hair again! I don't usually take photos when I'm having a hair cut but because I wanted to write this dedicated post, I decided to take photos of Wayne in action. Kudos to him for not being distracted by me.

Finally getting to the end of this entry; it's been a long time since I wrote such a lengthy entry but Essensuals Bugis and Wayne really do deserve this.

If you are looking for a really hair stylist, I would really recommend Wayne. You can also check Essensuals Bugis on their Facebook and Instagram for their promotions.

Essensuals Bugis
241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village (above Burger King)
Singapore 188030
Tel: 6333 0039
Opening Hours: Weekdays 11am - 9pm // Weekends 10am - 8pm

That's all for now and I will be back soon with more updates and Nails Talk! Till the next, have a great Thursday ahead!


Anonymous said...

All your hairstyles look so pretty on you. Thanks for demonstrating different short haircut. I like your pixie hair the best.

Grace Ting said...

Thanks dear! The pixie crop is my favourite too! Love your 'I Love Series' too! Have a great day ahead. :)