Friday, April 12, 2013


Finally getting down to blogging about Perth again. Was doing some spring cleaning on the hard-disk over the weekend and I realized there were a whole load of photos from the trip which I have yet to upload!

Enough of my rambling, let's get started on my third day in Perth!

The day started with a trip to Malaga Markets, a five minute drive from Aunt's place for some grocery shopping. Love the markets in Perth; the sheer variety of goods available! Spices, grains, fresh produces and don't get me started on the flowers. Different species available and all in bright colors! 
 photo IMG_5556WM_zps6a9e186a.jpg
 photo IMG_5538WM_zps08b1b07b.jpg  photo IMG_5539WM_zpsda883f7e.jpg  photo IMG_5542WM_zps3353efea.jpg  photo IMG_5540WM_zps20af5db9.jpg  photo IMG_5541WM_zps8e07cdf9.jpg

Started our drive to Rockingham after breakfast. It's hard to believe but this was my first time visiting Rockingham. Have heard so much about the beauty of this place and I told myself that I definitely have to set foot there this trip and boy, was I glad that I made that decision. 

Bright blue skies, ocean breeze and fir trees lining the roads and along the beach made me feel so relax. A feeling which I rarely get back home. As I'm typing this entry and looking at the photos, it suddenly hit me in the face, I miss Perth. A lot. 
 photo IMG_5550WM_zps3eea7e29.jpg  photo IMG_5537WM_zps09aac6b2.jpg  photo IMG_5531WM_zpse0b680af.jpg  photo IMG_5535WM_zpsbd04c125.jpg  photo IMG_5536WM_zps55355e0e.jpg  photo IMG_5534WM_zps72805693.jpg  photo IMG_5532WM_zps5aeadbe1.jpg
Proceeded with our drive to Mandurah an hour later. Compared to Rockingham, Mandurah is more vibrant. While Rockingham would be more suitable for nature lovers, the streets of Mandurah are lined with quality restaurants, shopping malls and retail outlets. Despite these, it's still pretty much a relaxed coastal lifestyle. 

Because of it's rich arts and festivals culture, there are plenty of Spring and Summer celebrations. It was Spring when I was there and several exhibitions were going on. Unfortunately we were pressed for time so we didn't get to view all the exhibitions. Still I had a good time albeit the short stay at Mandurah. 
 photo IMG_5533WM_zps6bfb9565.jpg  photo IMG_5529WM_zpsb98fe698.jpg  photo IMG_5528WM_zps8b60186a.jpg  photo IMG_5527WM_zps7a9ccdc7.jpg  photo IMG_5554WM_zps40a2de49.jpg  photo IMG_5526WM_zps503dc43b.jpg

After picking up Teryn from school, we then proceeded to our last stop for the day, Kings Park and Botanic Garden. A trip to Perth will never be complete without visiting Kings Park. It's actually the most popular visitor destination in Western Australia with over 6 million visitors each year!

From admiring the panoramic view of Perth City and the Swan River, taking a nature walk on the Bushland Nature Trail, discovering wildflowers at the State Botantic Garden, picnic with your family and friends, indulging in some retail therapy at the Aspects of Kings Park gallery shop or Aboriginal Art Gallery, or climbing the DNA Tower to enjoy the spectacular views about Kings Park and Botanic Garden, the Swan River and over to Rottnest Island; there's something for everyone. 

Apart from that, there are plenty of exciting events around the year; a music festival was going on when we were there and it was packed! This is why I love being in Perth; a slower pace in lifestyle yet there's a never ending list of activities to engage in. There's also the vibrant and rich arts culture; music, art galleries, exhibitions; which are what I'm interested in. 

 photo IMG_5524WM_zps6c85fd44.jpg  photo IMG_5649WM_zpsd351fb6c.jpg  photo IMG_5518WM_zpscf36cb4b.jpg  photo IMG_5522WM_zps86d070a2.jpg  photo IMG_5525WM_zps6a20534f.jpg  photo IMG_5648WM_zps296744b2.jpg  photo IMG_5545WM_zps69953bb5.jpg  photo IMG_5546WM_zps9228c822.jpg  photo IMG_5543WM_zps738d55ac.jpg  photo IMG_5547WM_zps784f3656.jpg  photo IMG_5579WM_zpsf8adc253.jpg  photo IMG_5520WM_zpsa8b5326b.jpg  photo IMG_5549WM_zps9ef04fe2.jpg  photo IMG_5553WM_zps03a77752.jpg  photo IMG_5548WM_zpsea5b4a1b.jpg  photo IMG_5521WM_zps7b887234.jpg  photo IMG_5578WM_zps847c176c.jpg  photo IMG_5519WM_zps158f38d8.jpg  photo IMG_5557WM_zpsae3cf8de.jpg

And that sums up the third day of the trip. Will be back soon with more posts on the trip. Till the next, stay gold!

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