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我對天空這個那個流星 大喊後會不會有奇蹟 
就算做朋友也沒關係 為你改變了自己都不認識自己 
不是我跑去了整形 只是我拿出真心 
~周杰倫, <<好久不見>>, 2010~

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Hello everyone!

This week seems to have flown by pretty fast, it seems like only yesterday that I posted the last post on Nails Talk and before I know it, it's Friday again!

Looking forward to this weekend cause I have no plans and I'm going to use this weekend to catch up on rest, spend quality time with my family and recharge for another brand week. I'm actually feeling pretty hyped up because there are some exciting plans in store for this little space of mine. It's all still in the planning stage so I will leave them for another time. So do check back at this little space for more updates!

Anyways, I'm taking a break from Nails Talk today and wrap up the happenings of March. March was another fun and happiness filled month and I really had a such good time that I didn't want it to end. There were some down moments too but the happy memories were more than enough to make up for it.

17 March 2013

Right after Terence and Jill's wedding, we celebrated Andrew and Michelle's wedding the following Sunday. This is probably the second last wedding for this year. Seems like I have been attending weddings non-stop since October last year. Really happy for this gorgeous couple too!

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Celebrating Andrew & Michelle's special day.
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Sealing it with a kiss.
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OOTD: Top from Style Societal // Pants from H&M // Clutch from Sort & Pepper // Heels from Charles & Keith.
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With the ever gorgeous girlfriend, Jill.
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With my ex-colleagues, PJJ Evelyn and my namesake, Grace Chua. 
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One more photo for the memory bank.
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With Jim, the one who is always giving me advice on life and photography. 

29 March 2013
Good Friday

Good Friday was spent with the girlfriends; attended Easter service and then it was off for a lovely dinner with the girls, Genevieve, Jill and her hubby. Enjoyed times like this and looking forward to more of these fun dates!

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Goofing around with Genevieve. Thanks to Jill for taking these photos.

30 March 2013

A fun filled Saturday with Jill, Terence and their friends. This day also marks another first in our friendship; it was the first time that we spent an entire day with each other. Kickstarted the day with a sumptuous lunch at Crystal Jade, followed by the movie G.I.Joe: Retaliation, a singing session and then supper!

Really enjoyed the movie a lot, I gotta say I enjoyed this more than the first part. The Rock, Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis really ROCKED the movie!!

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Friendship isn't one big thing; it's a million small things. 
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The lovely couple, Terence and Jill. 
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This is what happens when I gets hungry!

31 March 2013
Easter Sunday

Celebrated Baby Yue Jee's first birthday! Gosh, I can't believe this cutie pie is one year old! Seems just like few months back that he arrived and now he's already a year old. 

As usual, he never fails to brighten up my day and bring lots of laughter to me whenever I see him. He's really a smart boy as well and oh, I learnt another thing. NEVER to wear any necklace when he's around. He will always want to snatch the necklace and I always have a hard time fielding his hands while carrying him at the same time. 

Looking forward to watching him grow into a handsome and smart boy in time to come. 

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Happy Birthday Yue Jee!
 photo IMG_7550MergedWM_zps5c01625b.jpg
Grace 姨姨 and Baby Yue Jee.
 photo IMG_7556WM_zpsb4a1ef64.jpg
Baby Yue Jee's birthday cake. 
 photo IMG_7558WM_zps6c762138.jpg
The super cute hippopotamus which none of the kids wanted. 
 photo IMG_7559WM_zps8c152883.jpg
 photo IMG_7560WM_zps28a6621d.jpg
Time for a family photo!
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My lil brother and his sweet girl friend, Vivienne. 

And that pretty much sums up March for me. Hopefully April will be another awesome month filled with lots of wonderful memories!

That's all for today; gotta head out and ran some errands. Will be back soon with more updates on my not so exciting life and Nails Talk.

Till the next, have an awesome Friday everyone!

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