Friday, April 26, 2013


It's been a hell of a week hence the lack of updates on this little space of mine. I've so tired by the time I reached home every night that I barely have the energy to switch on my laptop to blog or even paint my nails. Can't wait to catch up on rest over the weekend.

If you are following me on Instagram, you would have know that I went on a boat cruise last Friday with my girlfriends, Jill and Mich. Jill was one of the lucky winner of the free 90 minute boat cruise and she invited Mich and myself for the cruise.

Special thanks to the lovely people from Boat Asia and Lloyd Marine for the lovely trip. We girls had so much fun that night; chilling by the deck, enjoying the sea breeze and each others' company. I'm always looking forward to times like this. Away from the crowd after a long week, and just being in my closest girlfriends' company without any worries.
 photo IMG_9596WM_zpsfa232dfc.jpg
 photo IMG_9537WM_zps48fe31f0.jpg
OOTD: Top from Love, Bonito // Shorts from Forever 21 // Wedges from Charles & Keith 
 photo IMG_9539WM_zps62747b7d.jpg  photo IMG_9460WM_zps1edfc660.jpg  photo IMG_9540WM_zpsd3139c74.jpg  photo IMG_9542WM_zpsd43f40cc.jpg  photo IMG_9541WM_zpse69ebf69.jpg  photo IMG_9543WM_zps6327c970.jpg  photo IMG_9546WM_zps299e90f7.jpg  photo IMG_9544WM_zps266e89ef.jpg  photo IMG_9545WM_zps45694620.jpg  photo IMG_9552WM_zpsc321cfd4.jpg  photo IMG_9548WM_zpsfa59338b.jpg  photo IMG_9550WM_zps7ab2dc63.jpg  photo IMG_9553WM_zps0ff1926a.jpg  photo IMG_9555WM_zps530d507b.jpg  photo IMG_9554WM_zps8625876c.jpg  photo IMG_9557WM_zps1cd26970.jpg  photo IMG_9556WM_zps4ab48d98.jpg  photo IMG_9559WM_zps0a00dce6.jpg  photo IMG_9560WM_zpsc92e6b8e.jpg  photo IMG_9562WM_zps594b7e92.jpg  photo IMG_9561WM_zpsa0795e25.jpg  photo IMG_9564WM_zps7037e0f0.jpg  photo IMG_9565WM_zpsc1a23b70.jpg  photo IMG_9574WM_zps6b9728fa.jpg  photo IMG_9593WM_zpse9b4a941.jpg  photo IMG_9575WM_zpsa536b1d9.jpg  photo IMG_9566WM_zpsa10829e7.jpg  photo IMG_9570WM_zpsbc846af2.jpg  photo IMG_9569WM_zps86ffe849.jpg 
BFF and myself will be going to the Chapel Market tomorrow! The Chapel Market will be held at Chijmes, The Lawn and we will be there from 5.00pm to 11.00pm. We will be selling lots of goodies that we'd source from overseas (iPhone accessories, household items, etc.).
 photo ChapelMarketApr_zps9d4cfd4a.jpg
I will also be selling my clothes (both brand new and pre-loved), fashion accessories (brand new) and bags (brand new). If you are going to be around the area, please come down and show us some love! Even if you are not buying anything, do come by and say hi!

Before I end this entry, I also have a piece of good news to share with everyone!

Remember the ladies from The Preloved? After a long hiatus of two years, they are finally back and is known as The Preloved Boutique.

 photo TPBBanner2013_NOG_zpsb3e44e78.jpg 
They recently launched their sixth and biggest collection with more 70 items! I almost went crazy looking at the items in this collection. On top of clothes and bags, they have also rope in MerylRae to bring in some really pretty accessories.

To celebrate their return, the ladies have kindly offered a promotion for my readers. For every two items purchased, you will be entitled to a 5% discount and free normal postage for every purchase. All you have to do is quote the promotional code "NOGXTPB when placing your orders.

So hurry over to The Preloved Boutique and show the wonderful ladies some love.

That's all for today and I hope you guys have a blessed and lovely start to the weekend wherever you are!

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