Monday, April 15, 2013


Aloha everyone!

Hope no one is feeling the Monday blues. No Monday blues for me as I had a terrific weekend with my closest girlfriends. The Girlfriends Weekend was not planned and I only realized it as I was sorting through the photos last night. Nothing beats spending the weekend with them and I treasured the time spent. 

Friday night was spent with Jaslin, Jonathan and dearest baby Xanthus. Dinner date at one of the Mookata restaurant at Gold Mile to satisfy Jaslin's craving. No photos cause we were too busy eating and catching up plus the environment wasn't really conducive for photo taking. 

Headed back to their cosy abode to spend time with Xanthus before his bed time. The boy has grown so much since the last time I saw him. Then, he was still learning to walk, now he can walk without help! Sometimes I wish time can slow down a little so that he doesn't grow up so fast. 
 photo IMG_8840WM_zps0b6cc062.jpg
 photo IMG_8842WM_zpse2aab748.jpg  photo IMG_8845WM_zps6663a478.jpg  photo IMG_8844WM_zps59543f53.jpg
Spent Saturday in the company of Jill and Terence. I'm still amazed by how our friendship has grown over the last year. Other than Twin, Jaslin and Nicole, I never thought I would have another close girlfriend until Jill came into my life. 

As a kid I've always got along better with guys and the few girlfriends I have are the only ladies that I've been able to connect with. This was young I was amazed that I could connect with Jill because I never thought I would find another close girlfriend at this stage in life. A truly lovely lady, who always going the extra mile for me; sending me home despite us staying at different ends of the island. 

Attended Dr Georgia Lee's Gorgeous Decadence party at Pangaea Marina Bay Sands. It's been ages since I attended events like this and we had a great time! Catching up while enjoying the canap├ęs and drinks. 
 photo IMG_9010WM_zpsb2f64629.jpg  photo IMG_8963WM_zpsc857fe48.jpg  photo IMG_9014WM_zps3b580e72.jpg  photo IMG_9037WM_zpsc6ba4217.jpg  photo IMG_9038WM_zpsfb6cc83b.jpg  photo IMG_8982WM_zpsba8b46e9.jpg  photo IMG_9040WM_zps0f1ff6f8.jpg  photo IMG_9041WM_zps00aab648.jpg  photo IMG_9045WM_zpscd54706c.jpg
It was supposed to be a brunch date with Nicole (Xiujing) on Sunday but ended up meeting for tea cause both of us woke up late. Have known Nicole since secondary school and she's one of the few classmates that I'm still in touch with. A fan of Jay Chou like me, she can understand why I love his music and we are always each other's date for his concerts. Looking forward to the next Jay Chou concert in June! 

We were so engrossed with spending time with each other that we forgot to take photos together and the only photos I took was the exhibition at the library. 
 photo IMG_9049WM_zps85e15ad8.jpg  photo IMG_9050WM_zps599e2877.jpg  photo IMG_9051WM_zps56851010.jpg  photo IMG_9052WM_zpscd14ecfb.jpg
I love weekends like these; great company, food and laughter. Talking about everything under the sun, catching up on our lives and enjoying each other's company. I know I have said it countless times but I'm thankful to have these girls in my life. 

They are the ones who accept and love me for who I am and are a text or phone call away. They are the ones who have been with me through the different transitions in life. They are my greatest supporters, best listeners, my guardian angels and give me the space I need. 

They are the kind of friends you will go to when you are upset because they listen without prejudice and acknowledges your feelings on top on the circumstances. Unlike some, they are down-to-earth and not self-centred. 

I'm blessed to have them as a constant in my life and here's to many more years of beautiful friendships, growth and milestones in our lives to be shared. 

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