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Forever love Forever love 我只想用我這一輩子去愛妳
 從今以後 妳會是所有 幸福的理由

Forever love Forever love 我只想用我這一輩子去愛妳
~ 王力宏, 《Forever Love》, 2004~

Celebrated Terence and Jill's special day on the first Sunday of March. The big day that we were counting down to after months of preparation finally arrived! This was the first time that I was heavily involved in a wedding preparation and though it was tiring, I will do anything for my close friends. 

Got to know Jill even better and our friendship blossomed deeper in the midst of the preparations. All in all, I'm thankful that our paths crossed and she is one friend that will always have a place in my heart. 

This was my fourth time being a bridesmaid and probably the last. Mummy Love has been nagging at me about being a bridesmaid cause the Chinese believed that a lady should not be a bridesmaid more than thrice else she will be left on the shelf. I don't know how true that is but seeing how I'm still single, I can understand her worries. So, to appease her, I've decided that this will the last of my bridesmaid journey. 

This wedding was the grandest amongst all the weddings I had attended. Photo booth, dessert table and a trolley bus. That aside, it was the most touching wedding that I had witnessed; so touched by their story that my tears dropped. 

It's unbelievable that their paths actually crossed when they were in kindergarten. Not once, but thrice and they only realized it when they got together four years ago. Happy for this model couple; they are one of the nicest people around and I'm blessed to have them in my life. 
 photo IMG_6400A_zpsa3f6b47a.jpg
With May, the make-up artist who has done the make-up for three of my close girl friends; the Twin, Jaslin and Jill.
She's really good, do drop me an email if you are looking for a make-up artist for your special day
 photo IMG_7230A_zps9f12bcd7.jpg
The bridesmaids with the gorgeous bride before the gate-crashing starts!
 photo IMG_7201Merged_zps8b0689c4.jpg
The gorgeous couple, Mr and Mrs Terence Seah.
 photo IMG_6413A_zps1814f3bd.jpg
Us on the trolley bus heading for the outdoor shoot. 
 photo IMG_6406A_zps9804df61.jpg  photo IMG_7203Merged_zps07d1c2fe.jpg  photo IMG_6404Merged_zps4d14b519.jpg  photo IMG_6411A_zps36fbbe49.jpg  photo IMG_6412A_zpsbf809690.jpg  photo IMG_6403Merged_zps2e5ddf64.jpg

 photo IMG_7220A_zps2fcf5a3d.jpg
The bridesmaids decked out in customized dresses designed by the talented Michelle (first from right).
Do check out for more of her awesome designs!
 photo IMG_6415A_zps9af7dcb2.jpg
 photo IMG_6410A_zps381c4e28.jpg
The wedding entourage. 
 photo IMG_7208A_zpse4867dcc.jpg  photo IMG_7209A_zpsca39144a.jpg  photo IMG_7211A_zpse4568021.jpg  photo IMG_7213A_zpsa83623d9.jpg  photo IMG_7215A_zpsc8aded19.jpg  photo IMG_7210A_zpse9f15cb4.jpg  photo IMG_6409A_zps5c661a70.jpg  photo IMG_7222A_zps5e017e98.jpg  photo IMG_7227A_zps5382c974.jpg
 photo IMG_7228A_zps4a5ba868.jpg
With the lovely Genevieve.
Here's wishing the couple a blissful and blessed marriage!

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