Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nails Talk: #SGSwatchFest - Earth Hour

Hi guys!

I hope you guys had a good rest last night and is now recharge to enjoy the weekend.

Yesterday, we turned our attention to World Water Day, today, let us turn the focus back to Mother Earth as we mark Earth Hour. From 8.30pm to 9.30pm (local time), lights will be switched off or turned down for an hour across the world.

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While an hour may not seem much,  it serves as a reminder for us to not take electricity for granted.

Tying in with Earth Hour, the theme for today's #SGSwatchFest is black. Going through my stash of untrieds, I found piCture pOlish Starry Night which I had purchased recently but have not had the chance to wear it. As the name suggest, it's going to be a starry night tonight when the lights go off during Earth Hour.

Starry Night by Llarowe is a collaboration shade between piCture pOlish and Llarowe. Starry Night by Llarowe is a charcoal black jelly with scattered holo. As with the other piCture pOlish polishes that I have, the formula is awesome, and application was smooth. Because of it's jelly finish, I painted three coats to reach opacity.

 photo SGSWATCHFEST_EarthHour_01_zps529e219a.jpg
Taken under daylight lamp, no flash.

I added a heart to the index finger, a reminder to always love Mother Earth and all the natural resources that she has provided. To not take for granted that everything will always be there and be appreciative of the resources that we have.

On the ring finger, I did another Saran Wrap mani, this time creating the effect of how Earth looks like if we were to view her from space.

 photo SGSWATCHFEST_EarthHour_02_zps12df0794.jpg
Taken with indirect window light, no flash.
 photo SGSWATCHFEST_EarthHour_03_zps1e3b8ffe.jpg
Taken with indirect window light, no flash.

As we catch up on rest and enjoy the weekend, let us also do our part for Mother Earth, our home. For this one hour tonight, those of us who will be home, let us switch off the lights and the unnecessary electrical appliances. And remember, it's not today that we save electricity, but everyday.

Meantime, do check out #SGSwatchFest on Instagram and Twitter to see what my fellow polish-holics have created for this swatch fest. Till the next, have a blessed and fun weekend!

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