Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Wrapping Up January

閉上眼 會看見Beautiful 你擁有 最體貼的朋友
你知道 什麼是Beautiful 失落時 溫暖的雙手
梁靜茹, << Beautiful >>, 2003~

Despite starting 2013 on a not so good start,
I'm happy to say that everything has got better over the past few weeks.
I'm finally back to my jovial self and am smiling again. 

January was a very busy month what with the settling into the new year,
birthday celebrations, gatherings, getting all the spring cleaning done for Chinese New Year.
Not complaining though; but I really need to get back to a regular sleeping pattern.
Been sleeping late and surviving on an average of 5 hours sleep is taking a toll on my health.
Looking forward to the upcoming 9 days break!

15.01.2013, Tuesday

Our penguin family welcomed a new member to the little family.
Baby Cayan arrived on 14 January 2013 and he's one super smiley and adorable boy.
Can't wait to spend more time with him as he gets older!

 photo IMG_4661_zpsfd11c0a7.jpg
19.01.2013, Saturday 
The long awaited KTV session with the girls from CG finally materialized after talking it for a year. 
 photo IMG_6606_zps00ed39e9.jpg

21.01.2013, Monday 
First round of birthday celebration for one half of the crazy girls and bride to be, Jill.
Dinner at Tonkichi before heading over to Paul's for some dessert.
 photo IMG_4977_zps4493faf9.jpg  photo IMG_6605_zps7d1a5508.jpg  photo IMG_4976_zpsefad4cc9.jpg  photo IMG_4975_zps906ca6d5.jpg

25.01.2013, Friday
Helping the lovely husband and wife to be with their wedding preparations.
Lesson learnt: have a simpler design for wedding invites.
Tying the ribbons for 300 plus cards is no joke.
We did only about 50 cards that night and it already took us about 2 hours. 

 photo IMG_4970_zps86e94b43.jpg  photo IMG_4969_zps9d87c0ae.jpg  photo IMG_4974_zpscee47780.jpg

27.01.2013, Sunday
2nd round of birthday celebration for the birthday girl at TWG Tea Salon and Boutique.
Liz and I surprised her by asking her fiance to turn up and sing a song for her after much convincing.
It wasn't easy trying to keep the surprise a secret and we were so happy when we could finally talk about it.
 photo IMG_4964_zps8f6f1163.jpg  photo IMG_4965_zps75aa3d1c.jpg  photo IMG_4962Merged_zpsa0010825.jpg  photo IMG_4961_zps6aabea51.jpg  photo IMG_4960_zps83fb6028.jpg

30.01.2013, Wednesday 
Finally met up with the Bud Buds after so long!
Settled dinner at Chizo Zanmai at Central @ Clarke Quay and headed to Chinatown thereafter.
For those Japanese buffet lovers out there, go check out Chizo Zanmai!
They have a massive buffet spread and food quality is quite decent.
it's pretty affordable at about S$32 after taxes per person with free flow of drinks.

Chizo Zanmai is located at:

6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#02-17 Central @ Clarke Quay
Singapore 059817
Tel: 6221 3177

Kudos to Bud Gary for bringing us there, I can see myself going back pretty soon. 

Also had the chance to finally pop by Goods of Desire since it was just opposite the restaurant.
Love the quirky merchandises but they are way overpriced in my opinion.
Will probably only spend money there when I feel rich. 
 photo IMG_5219_zpsa9b8c509.jpg  photo IMG_5250_zps7b435f8a.jpg  photo IMG_5251_zpsb16fe210.jpg  photo IMG_5254_zps0044c04a.jpg  photo IMG_5255_zps9c3f168c.jpg  photo IMG_5218_zpsc6f5e069.jpg  photo IMG_5214_zps56c48891.jpg
 photo IMG_5215_zpsc67d96f1.jpg  photo IMG_5213_zps2120e533.jpg  photo IMG_5212_zps53e0daa1.jpg  photo IMG_5211_zpsbabc00c1.jpg  photo IMG_5216_zpsf83ed517.jpg  photo IMG_5210_zps558ca0b1.jpg  photo IMG_5032_zps333d2610.jpg  photo IMG_5266_zps88a53239.jpg  photo IMG_5265_zps84e72d88.jpg  photo IMG_5270_zpsc6e8e4e9.jpg  photo IMG_5268_zps3a620d14.jpg  photo IMG_5267_zps52e5f0a0.jpg  photo IMG_5263_zpsc36f218a.jpg  photo IMG_5262_zps34dfd605.jpg  photo IMG_5256_zps38bde185.jpg  photo IMG_5257_zps0439a991.jpg  photo IMG_5258_zpse267da2a.jpg  photo IMG_5269_zps945a1380.jpg  photo IMG_5271_zps43b494d1.jpg

Till the next, have a blessed day ahead!

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