Friday, February 22, 2013

Cuteness Overload

有妳在身邊 愛我一點 讓我的生活過得越來越甜
世界不停在變 我會愛妳多一點 希望妳能夠看見 一切不改變
~曹格, 《寶貝》, 2009~

TGIF everyone!

It's the start of the weekend again and I hope everyone had an awesome week!

It's always never easy to go back to work after a break but I guess we will get used to it after a while. 

Following up on the previous post, here's how I spent the rest of Chinese New Year. 

Didn't really do much after though, just visited my Aunt and Uncle.
Since my cousins went back to work right after Chinese New Year, 
most of the time was spent with one of my cousin's baby boy, Yue Jee,
hence the title of this post.
He's a really smart and lovely boy and brought lots of laughter into my life in the days that I saw him. 

One thing I learnt is that it's SO HARD to take photos of him smiling or laughing. 

Turn the camera on him and he stops smiling.
Turn it away and he starts. 

 photo IMG_6848Merged_zps67f67763.jpg

 photo IMG_6851Merged_zps197840dc.jpg  photo IMG_6855Merged_zps17afb0aa.jpg  photo IMG_6860Merged_zpsacb96148.jpg  photo IMG_6858Merged_zpsd02ce3de.jpg  photo IMG_6862Edited_zpsc18f670d.jpg  photo IMG_6863Edited_zpse57e46ff.jpg  photo IMG_6864MErged_zpsc8aa69ea.jpg
Isn't he adorable? 
Can't wait to see him again!

Heading out for a long overdue jog now to burn off all the calories from all the recent feasting. 

Praying hard that it doesn't rain since the weatherman's temperament has been pretty cranky of late. 

Will be back soon with more updates.

Till the next, have an awesome Friday!

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