Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chinese New Year Day I

眼前飞过的蝴蝶也许是 谁在想念着我
那句我爱你虽然难开口 我想现在就说

Hello everyone!
How was your Chinese New Year celebrations and holidays? I hope everyone had a great time!

Chinese New Year is my second favorite festival after Christmas with everyone gathering together under one roof
and all the feasting and goodies as well!
Always look forward to the first day of CNY cause I get to see both my paternal and maternal families.
That's the perks of having a small family!

Chinese New Year this year is exceptionally fun as compared to last year though.
Since my paternal uncle passed away not long before Chinese New Year last year, we didn't really celebrate.
Coincidentally, a few of us were decked out in red on the first day.

 photo IMG_5523_zps9310d2b8.jpg
 photo IMG_5521Merged_zpsc2a0bf77.jpg  photo IMG_5518Merged_zpsfda2289a.jpg  photo IMG_5517Merged_zpscbbb80a4.jpg
 photo IMG_5524Merged_zps0671f146.jpg  photo IMG_5528Merged_zps8aa18ff7.jpg  photo IMG_5532Merged_zpse8377e6f.jpg

Headed off to the River Ang Bao with my maternal cousins in the night.
This is now our annual Chinese New Year activity. 

 photo IMG_5537_zpsf3b41462.jpg  photo IMG_5538_zps78fc5478.jpg  photo IMG_5539_zpsc119c388.jpg  photo IMG_5536_zps5c4a90d7.jpg  photo IMG_5540_zpsb31f2ba2.jpg  photo IMG_5548_zps878aa4fc.jpg  photo IMG_5547_zps3a1cd186.jpg  photo IMG_5546_zps1606c29c.jpg  photo IMG_5541_zps5a973309.jpg  photo IMG_5542_zpsee85946c.jpg  photo IMG_5551_zps5bab55bd.jpg  photo IMG_5544Merged_zps5915e2fc.jpg  photo IMG_5552Merged_zpsf896519e.jpg  photo IMG_5556_zps5b0379d5.jpg  photo IMG_5557_zps4d816501.jpg

Hope you guys enjoy the remaining days of Chinese New Year. 
Till the next, have an enjoyable evening!

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