Monday, November 05, 2012

Project 365: Look Back at October

Happy Monday everyone!

It's the first Monday of November and I hope everyone have had a good start to the another brand new week.

I'm feeling all excited right now because I'm heading off to my favorite city, Perth, next week! It's been a good ten years since my last trip there and I can't wait to visit all my favorite places, fill my stomach with all the awesome food there and spend time with my cousins!

Moving on to Project 365/Photo A Day Challenge, here's the photos for the month of October. Am really happy that I've finally managed to clear off all the backlog for August, September and now October.

October Day One: Where I Stood
Shots like this are my favorites.
 Love the color and the contrast.

October Day Two: Lunchtime 
Something light and healthy for the stomach. 
Salads are fast becoming my favorite choices nowadays. 

October Day Three: This Happened Today
Received my favorite snack from the best girlfriend today!

October Day Four: What I Read
My current reads to keep me company.

October Day Five: Shadow
The one who never forsakes me, always staying by my side.

October Day Six: I'm Thankful For...
the sea and the lullaby of the crushing waves.
[Kota Kinabalu Travelogue - October 2012]

October Day Seven: Light
Love how the light from the sparkler end up looking like a heart.

October Day Eight: Angle
Enjoying a slice of chocolate mint cake after dinner.
Pepper's Cafe at Tanahmas Hotel.
[Sibu Travelogue - October 2012]

October Day Nine: Red
It's funny how sometimes when I'm cracking for my brain for a particular's day prompt,
something will just appear. Take this day's prompt for example.
I was thinking of what to shoot for "Red" when I saw this wall lamp in the hotel room.

October Day Ten: Emotion
One of the crazier shot from an earlier photo-shoot.
Going crazy over Fruit Loops!

October Day Eleven: Something Close Up
Delicious home made bread and jam.
Cafe 55 at Coffee Atelier.
[Penang Travelogue - October 2012]

October Day Twelve: On The Table
A set of cute salt and pepper shakers.
Cafe 55 at Coffee Atelier.
[Penang Travelogue - October 2012]

October Day Thirteen: Landscape
"Love is the flower that you got to let grow"
~John Lennon~

October Day Fourteen: Makes Me Laugh
Found this photo whilst going through the photos of the Hong Kong trip last year.
Reminiscing the memories and the laughter that the buddy brought on that trip.
Here's a friend that I'm really to have met.

October Day Fifteen: Dinnertime
Fish and chips for dinner.

October Day Sixteen: Something I Wrote
Lyrics to one of my favorite song by Claire Guo.

October Day Seventeen: Fruit
Freshly made orange juice to kick start the day.

October Day Eighteen: Made Me Smile Today
Nail polishes never fail to make me smile.
Finally collected these babies from Yuxin.

October Day Nineteen: Letters
Was tidying my desk when I found this table tag made by the Twin for her wedding lunch back in 2010.

October Day Twenty: 4 o'clock
Came across these old school bottles of soft drinks while exploring Jonker Walk in Malacca.
[Malacca Travelogue - October 2012]

October Day Twenty-One: Calm
Views like this never fails to bring a sense of peace and serenity to my mind.
[Malacca Travelogue - October 2012]

October Day Twenty-Two: In My Town
One of the best thing about the area where I've been staying for the best twenty over years;
being able to take a walk in the picturesque Chinese Garden in the morning.
Love the tranquility and beauty of the whole place.

October Day Twenty-Three: The View From Here
Loving all the happy colors at one of favorite store, Smiggles!

October Day Twenty-Four: Weather
Not liking the recent weather.
For someone who prefers the the cold, the heat is definitely a killer!

October Day Twenty-Five: People
Came across these gorgeous frames and paintings at The Cheesecake Cafe.
Love the cakes, decorations but not the service.

October Day Twenty-Six: Listening To
An old album by Jay Chou.
November's Chopin.
Can't wait for his new album to be released in December!

October Day Twenty-Seven: Morning
Pigeon watching can be pretty therapeutic at times.

October Day Twenty-Eight: Looking Back
One last look at the gorgeous display.

October Day Twenty-Nine: Moon
Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree Stories is still one of my favorite childhood reads to date.
Favorite character from the book? Moon Face.

October Day Thirty: Clothes
Came home to yet another lovely dress from MySpringFling.
Just in time for the upcoming wedding dinner!
As their tagline goes; Thank God For My Spring Fling!

October Day Thirty-One: Whatever I Pleased
Happy Halloween!
This is what my partner-in-crime and me get up to when the going gets tough at work.
With this marks the end of the October.
It's been a super hectic month; being away for a good part of the month meant that
whatever time I had, I had to split it up between my family, friends and myself.
Despite it all, I'd still managed to have lots of fun!

For more updates on my Project 365/Photo A Day Challenge, you may check them out here.

Till the next, have a great day ahead!

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