Thursday, November 08, 2012

Nails Talk: Pomegranate Curator

Hello everyone!

It's finally Thursday! This week seem to have flown past pretty past for me; can't believe it's just one more day to my leave and four more days to the upcoming trip. Visa application approved and now it's just left with the luggage to pack.

The excitement of this trip is increasing more and more as the date draws nearer. Gosh, I sound as if this is the first time I'm travelling!

All right, enough of sounding like a kid for now. Today I have another nail polish from Pomegranate to share with everyone. If you have not heard about Pomegranate, you can read about the review of my first Pomegranate polish here.

I first knew about Curator from A Lacquered Affair. I'd been searching high and low for a black jelly with gold and silver glitters and the first thing that came to my mind when I read A Lacquered Affair's review was that, "I gotta have this!".

I was so excited when I finally got Curator that I didn't even have the patience to remove whatever I was wearing at that time and instead layer it over.

pomegranate curator swatch

This was what I had on before I decided to layer Curator over. Cynthia from Zoya; a blackened teal.

pomegranate curator swatch 

This was after I painted two coats of Curator over. Honestly, I was awed by the instant glamour that Curator added to my nails. I can see myself wearing this for the upcoming year end celebration dinners!



Formula wise, I have no complains at all. Application was smooth and there was no fishing for the glitters.

Curator is available at StarTrinkets, the local stockist for Pomegranate polishes. Pomegranate polishes are retailing at S$11.00 (excluding postage) now so do act fast if you want to get this beauty as stocks are running low. StarTrinkets ship internationally as well.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post. I will be back with more polishes to share.

Till the next, have a great time ahead!

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StarTrinkets Susan said...

Lovely swatch, as always! Thanks for the plug!