Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Walk Away

It's finally the last day of November!

For once, it's not a Sweet November for me.
This month has got to be the most dreadful month in 2011 with my unhappiness level hitting a new high! Initially it was just work related then last week, it became personal stuff.

I didn't realized how badly affected I was by all these matters until I realized that I haven't been eating much and my body decided to go on a full-on battle with me!
So, I stepped out of office during lunch time, bought a sandwich, a tea and sat down at Marina Promenade all by myself.
It didn't matter to me that it was drizzling at that time.
All I knew was that I had to get out and clear my mind.

I can't remember when was the last time I sat in the rain. But I'm glad I did yesterday.

Work related issues are going to exist, the politics and all the bitching that one particular person is playing right now will not end cause she has always been behaving in this manner.
All I can do is to ignore her to the best that I can and walk away from everything.

Personal matters, well, it's not going to be tough either.
I've been through worse but I'm still alive and kicking.
I just want to be the happy me again, the 开心果 whom everyone knows!
Good news is, I've finally got some appetite to take a proper meal today!

Unhappiness aside, there were some joyous moments too!
Witness the holy matrimony of my 企鹅姐姐 and 企鹅姐夫 on 20.11.2011.
It seems like only yesterday that I witness 企鹅姐夫's proposal and 11 months later, I got to witness them going down the aisle!


Other than that, managed to meet up with my happy pill, Leggings!
This time round, it wasn't an impromptu meet-up, we arranged to meet the day before.
Last time we met was shortly after our Taiwan trip, if I don't remember wrongly, it should be sometime in June or July.
Now that my Leggings is finally done with her exams, we can finally meet!

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24 minutes to my second favourite month every year, December and that only means one thing, it's 25 days to Christmas!
Not going to have a white Christmas this year (which reminds me that I'm not done with the photos from the NYC travelogue), have decided to stay in Singapore this year but am going to leave the country for 6 days. More on that in the next entry.

All righto, enough ramblings for this entry.
Will be back soon with more happy updates!

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