Friday, September 02, 2011


Yesterday was not just a brand new day of a brand new month. It meant something more.

After 1 year, 10 months and 20 days, I bade my ex-department goodbye with a little heavy heart.

Yes, I'm no longer dealing with Events as of 31 August 2011. In case you are wondering, no, I did not resigned. As of yesterday, I'd transferred to the marketing division of our training arm.

From the day I was offered the opportunity to contemplating whether or not to take up the offer to making up mind and accepting the offer, the past two months had been nothing short of roller-coaster ride. It wasn't easy making the decision; I had became too attached to everyone in the division - in short, they had become my family at work. Those who learned of my decision were equally shocked because everyone at work knows how close our department was. The first question everyone asked was "What about your boss? Is he willing to let you go?". To which I would always reply with a smile.

Frankly, there were many reasons why I accepted the offer to transfer to our training arm. First, my work at Events was getting stagnant, repetitive and mundane. There weren't any more challenges and nothing much more to learn because the work was almost the same for each and every event. A transfer with a entire new job scope meant that I had the chance to learn more and beef up my resume and portfolio which had more advantages than disadvantages. Opportunities like these doesn't come often and to me, there's no harm in trying out new stuff and learning more.

Second, age is really catching up. No longer can I work late, sleep late and wake up early. No longer can I survive on just 4 hours sleep. My health has been deteriorating recently; my indigestion has gotten so bad that I now have to rely on medication for digestion. Moreover, I can't see myself working late with all the irregular hours that comes along with events at the age of 40. Having to choose between health or career, I would the first anytime. If I'm still in the early twenties, maybe career but not now, when I am friends with the Big 3.

Third and the main reason for the acceptance of the transfer, my ex-superior will be going on a sabbatical of three months come end September and he has made it clear that he doesn't want to handle events when he's back. Not because he doesn't want to work with the team anymore but more so because of health and family. Everyone knows that my ex-superior was the main reason why I had stayed in Events for so long despite all the shit that accompanied each and every event. He's the best superior and mentor that I ever had in working life so far and he's also the reason why the entire team is willing to slog without much complaints. Truth to be told, I did contemplate resigning when I first knew of his sabbatical because I'd ever said that the day he doesn't handle events anymore will also be the day that I leave. However, after several heart to heart talks with him and persuasion and encouragement from him, I decided to take up the offer to transfer.

Seriously, if anyone had asked me if I would have seen myself leaving Events last year, I would have said no. Simply because of everyone in my ex-division. I had grown so attached to them that I couldn't imagine not working with them. Was that a good or bad thing? However, I realized that I can't stay in a job just for the sake of others. Who can assure me that they wouldn't leave one day? I had to take a step of the circle and be realistic and as much as I couldn't bear to leave them, I knew that it was a decision that I had to make sooner or later.

Everyone who bumped into me these two days have been asking me about my new division and colleagues. All I can say is that it's too early to say anything. Even though I have been with the organization for close to two years, I'm now back to being a "new" staff. These two days have been packed with induction and lots of training. I'm basically starting all over again and that includes having to get to know people all over again and forging new relationships because even though I was colleagues with the staff from our training arm, I didn't had much chance to interact with them previously.

Unlike starting new in a new organization. Over here, everyone knows me and I will have to work doubly hard to prove my worth. It's definitely not going to be a bed of roses but then again, when has life ever been a bed of roses? All I can do now is to try and learn as much as I can and fit in; if after trying, I realized that it's not my cup of tea, I still have that one last option which I hope I won't have to resort to that option in the near future.

That pretty sums up my "exciting" start to the month. It's been so long since I wrote such a lengthy entry and trust me, it wasn't easy having to condense everything into a simplified version. I think I have already killed what's left of my brain cells after a long day of training so I am gonna stop here for now.

And since it's the start of the weekend, have a blessed weekend ahead!

Au Revoir.

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