Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Blast from the past


Paid a visit to the newly opened Singapore Food Trail located at the Singapore Flyer last Sunday. This unique 1960s themed food street is the idea of the people at Select Group.

There, you can find 17 legendary hawker stalls, all of them boasting origins from the '60s or some, from even earlier decades.



What I like about the place is the nostalgic vibe and the quirky gems which I saw. Singer sewing machine, gramophone and more.

My only gripe was the super long queue. Maybe because it's new (it was officially opened on 25 February); there were snaking long queues at almost every stall. And be prepared to spent half an hour queuing cause that was how long I had to queue for a plate of fried oysters.

Price wise, be prepared to fork out a minimum of $5.00 for each dish. Drinks is slightly cheaper, the bird nest drink that we tried cost $1.50 per cup.

No photos of the food caused I was so hungry that I started eating after I got the food. Hopefully the next time I visit, I will have the time to take shots of the food before I started pushing them down my growling stomach.

Anyway, if you are looking for a new place to try, hopped on down to the Singapore Food Trail one of these days. Even if it's not for the food, go down and be transported back to the 1960s to have a feel of our parents' life back then.

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