Monday, January 31, 2011


Time to sit down and blow off the thick dust that has settled on this blog.

A blink of the eye and we are at the end of the first month for Year 2011. It's been a busy, busy, busy January for me (am I even surprised).

A huge pile of "presents" greeted me when I started work after being away for 3 weeks. 5 events in total for January and February! I foresee my workload getting heavier and heavier.

Anyway, this post was actually meant to posted at the end of 2010 but since I was away in New York with a sucky internet connection, this post remained as a draft till now.

2010 was an exceptionally wonderful year for me. Sure, there were ups and downs but the ups definitely surpassed that of the downs. So, let us now take a stroll down the memory lane of 2010.


Celebrated my 1st year anniversary with my current company last October. Though it's only a year and 2 months, I feel as if I have been working there for a long time.

The past year was a super busy year for events; there were at least 1 event each month and while others had the luxury of going on leave, we barely had time to rest at all.

The inaugural Singapore Accountancy Convention saw us working everyday, including weekends in the month of September, October and the start of November. Longest I went without sleep for this event? 48 hours.

And then right after the event, I had to fly to Kuala Lumpur for the World Congress of Accountants. Despite the fatigue, I still managed to have an enjoyable trip and gain quite a lot (knowledge) from the trip.

As I look back, I'm really glad that I made the decision the join this company. I have a wonderful boss and colleagues who have become friends. I'm also thankful for the many opportunities given to me in 2010 which I believed I would not have been given if I had stayed on in my ex-company.


Kuala Lumpur
New York


The Buds Buds - Gary aka Ching Cheong, Michael aka Emo & Jupiter aka Joop
From classmates to being my best Buddies. The 3 of them never fail to bring laughter to me whenever I meet up with them.

Ewan aka The Javanese Heartthrob
From classmates to client to being one of my closest friend. We can sit and talk about anything under the sun, moon or stars.

The Y Team - Jaslin, Jonathan, Jacky, Jackson, Jun Fan & Joey
One meeting with the rest at Jaslin and Jonathan's solemnization was all it took for us to become very close friends.

BFF - Kelvin Ke
Since Primary 4 till now, what can I ask for?

The Twin - Catherine
We share the same birthday (same day, same month and same year). Even though we didn't meet up that often in 2010 cause of our hectic work schedule, we will have each other in our hearts.

The Sidekick - Melody
From mere colleagues who didn't talk to being each other's sidekick. Days at work was so much happier when she was around. Even though she has left, we still make the effort to meet up as often as we can.

Penguin Jie Jie - Evelyn
Colleagues with conflicts at work to slowly understanding each other better. Stood by each other when we were bullied by another colleague at work. The KL trip further strengthen the friendship between these 2 penguins.

And that was 2010 in a nutshell. I've so much more to write but my eyelids are failing me.

So I shall leave it here for now. Will update pretty soon with photos from the not-so-recent New York trip.

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