Tuesday, January 04, 2011



Greetings from Taipei!

We're into the fourth day of 2011 and here's a belated Happy New Year!
Wireless internet access was down at the hotel in New York so I was unable to blog.
Luckily there's internet access here in Taipei so I can logged on and have this entry posted. 

One stopover in Anchorage, one hour transit and a 17-hour flight later, 
I'm now in Taipei for a night before the flight home tomorrow. 

Fulfilling my dream of a white Christmas and New Year before I turn 30 was wonderful, 
Despite not being at Times Square for the countdown, watching it live on TV in the hotel room was equally awesome. You could feel the buzz and excitement!

Getting caught in the snow storm on Boxing Day was no fun though. 
But it was an experience still. 

Venturing to New Jersey and Ridgewood alone were the trip's highlights.
Not knowing that New Jersey was under a state of emergency because of the snow storm until the next morning. Thankful that I wasn't stranded in New Jersey. 
Snow-capped house, snow-piled roads and exploring the small village of Ridgewood was an experience which I will not trade it for anything. 

Jet-lagged and blogging don't go along so I'm going to stop here. 
Time for a nap before heading to Shilin Night Market in the evening. 

Happy New Year and may 2011 be filled with an abundance of love, peace and joy!

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Anonymous said...

Dear little grace:
You might not know me. I just ran into your lovely blog when I'm was searching some information for my boss. It's good for me every time I felt depressed at work, then I could come here to see the wonderful life and experiences you had. Thank you for all those posts. I wish you happy new year, a little late coming, and all the best in 2011.
I will always stop by to see you.