Tuesday, February 23, 2010


*Entry Updated*

Of late, I've fallen in love with this song.

Here's the English lyrics to this song.

Like having a bad flu
Love appears, like struggle between hot and cold
I've sat down
The chit-chat and laughter
Smiling and yet in the blink of an eye we quarrel
As usual, spending the next few days raging a cold war
To dissipate and change the mood
Sitting or standing, I feel uneasy
Why is this tougher than breaking up?

You are my shoulder
You are my belief
And you are my warmth

At times I think to myself
Is staying by your side loving you?
Or do I just love keeping you company?

Used to us promising each other be there or be square
Used to looking for the other when we open our eyes
But habits make us sluggish
No longer strong enough
To defend against loneliness

Used to the two of us sleeping in a single bed
Then can we sleep soundly till daybreak
If you leave
What can I do with my hands all tied up?

Always busy for the sake of Love like as if nothing else is happening
Could we be pretending to be lenient and poise
Or was it just still bearing up with the emptiness of the room

We've always said that if the Time is up
We should end it as happily as we started
Sitting or standing, I feel uneasy
Sinking deep into Loves tug-of-war

Used to the happily-after
How do I get used to having my other half empty again

Credits to: kym from nbbbs.com

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