Tuesday, December 22, 2009

♥ 3 more days to Christmas ♥

3 more days to my favorite festival, CHRISTMAS!!!
Since last week, I have been busy preparing all the Christmas presents for my love ones and I finally got everything done last night.

This year, instead of buying presents, I decided to make my own presents. Actually it's not the first time that I'm making stuff for my friends; I have been doing it all these year for some while buying stuff for the rest.

However, I decided to do something for everyone this year for one simple reason. I find it more meaningful to do something with my own hands rather than grabbing something off the shelf. How many of us have receive something which we don't like or have no use for? Or the times when you receive something which you already have?

It seems that people are just buying gifts for the sake of buying or simply just to shop nowadays. It has become so commercialized; just look at all the sales going on at shopping malls. Everyone just there to get the so called "great" deals but how many times have we regretted buying something which we thought was such a great deal at that point of time? For me, unless I really need to buy something, have dinner or just to look at the decorations, I wouldn't step into a shopping mall unless necessary.

Anyway, here's what I made for the special people in my life this Christmas. To some people other there, it might not seem a great deal but to me, I know that it's made with TLC.


Home made chocolates in customised glass bottle

A simple photo frame can be transform into something different with some effort

And here's a photo taken earlier with the twin during our annual Christmas dinner to end this entry.

Good night and sweet dreams everyone.

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