Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Ugly Truth



What's The Ugly Truth in a relationship? Finding out that the person you fancy isn't really whom you thought was? Or falling in love with someone whom you never thought you would fall in love with?

Most people are always looking for that perfect person in there life, but is there such a person?

Ever been on date with someone whom you really fancy but only to realized at the end of it that that person wasn't really whom you made out to be?

I remembered this one guy that I went on date with years back. The entire conversation during dinner was all about him. I was bored to death but I didn't write him off there and then.

Guess what happened when the bill came?

He claimed that he had forgotten to bring his wallet! All right, maybe he really left it at home, so I paid for the dinner.

We decided to catch a movie after the dinner and since he didn't have any cash on him, I ended up paying for the movie tickets as well.

The last straw came when he actually fell asleep half-way through the movie and he actually snored!!!

I was fuming mad by then but I continued to watch the movie on my own since I had already paid for the ticket. And when he woke up after the movie, he acted as if nothing had happened at all.

Needless to say, I didn't even bother to meet him again.

When you are out with someone, be it your friends or with a date, manners and basic respect is something that we ought to show to each other. It reflects on your upbringing and your manners. People with no manners, have no respect for others or who thinks that the world revolve only around them are a MAJOR TURN-OFF for me!!!

Anyway, here's a good news to share.

The movie "The Ugly Truth" is opening in Singapore on 17th September and I can't wait to catch it!!!

Most of you should know by now that I'm a movie addict and I love romantic comedies!!! Romance with fun and laughter thrown in, why not? Furthermore, the lead actress Katherine Heigl is one of my favourite actress.

katherine heigl 2


To find out more about the movie:

Be a fan at the official Facebook page
and catch The Ugly Truth when it opens in the cinemas on the 17th September 09!

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