Saturday, September 05, 2009

Men, Women and Relationships

Sharing yet another interesting email that I've just received.


  • To know whether a man really loves you, look at his actions and ignore his words! A man always has a purpose for doing what he’s doing.
  • Guys always enjoy a challenge, so ensure that you play hard to get, make him work for you. However, guys doesn’t enjoy a woman playing so hard to get to the extent where she climbs over his head, so play your cards right.
  • When a man truly loves a woman, all other girls or members of the female species will fade into oblivion. He won’t be bothered with all the other women, no matter how gorgeous or sexy or pretty they are. His attention is on you and you only.
  • He will go to great lengths to make you happy because he himself will be very happy if he knows that he can satisfy and please his woman, that is, if he really loves the woman.
  • A man will do anything, and I mean anything, to get what he wants. He’ll do whatever it takes to make you stay, even if it means lying. Why? He loves himself more than he loves you!
  • A man who truly loves you will always put your best interests at heart.
  • A man who truly loves you will always make you his first priority even if it means he has to sacrifice.
  • Men need our understanding more than they need our love. In fact, when you understand men, they will love you for it. To men, understanding them is more important than loving them.
  • Men commit to women who make them feel good about themselves.
  • A real man will take responsibility for his actions and follow through on his promises.
  • Many men are simply hindered by their egos.
  • When he takes the initiative to work for you, reward him appropriately be it in the form of a simple kiss, hug or whatever you can think of. DO NOT treat him extra nice when he didn’t even deserve it, because he’ll start taking you for granted.
  • Men can sense when you are trying too hard. Because you put him on a higher-status than you, he sees you as lower-status and it’s unlikely he will remain attracted to a woman who’s perceived to be of a lower status than him.
  • Men can be very focused on their goals. That’s why they can usually handle only one thing at a time whereas women find it easier to multi-task.
  • Men care more about the “consequences” or “effects” of their actions, thus the “I’m just looking at women, I’m not sleeping with them, no harm done, what’s the big deal” attitude.
  • For most men, “neediness” and “insecurity” are the enemies of attraction and can literally kill a relationship. That’s why you hear men saying they need “space”. Men want to distance themselves from you because they no longer feel attracted to you.
  • Men just don’t flow in the emotional realm the same way as women do.
  • Faithfulness is always a struggle for men, and must be learned. Some men are, frankly, not man enough to WIN that struggle.
  • Men fall in love through “imagination”.
  • One of the reasons why men find it difficult to commit and get married to one woman for life is that he’s afraid that the woman will change after marriage.
  • Men want to feel wanted, respected and admired by their women.
  • If you are not hard to get, you are easy to forget.
  • You will likely get the best when you don’t settle for the rest.
  • Learn to be being happy with and without a man. Only when you can be really happy with yourself will you be happy with men.
  • A girl who freely gives out hugs, kisses or even sexual favours will be indirectly telling the guy that she has literally no value to her, since she gives away these so easily.
  • Most women are NOT materialistic. We don’t need a man to have millions in the bank but we do need them to have enough money to allow us to live at a basic comfort level.
  • Women care very much about the “meanings” of things such as the meaning of what men do, what men say, what men buy for us etc.
  • We women want to feel safe. We want to know that men will always be there for us when we need and don’t need them.
  • We women want a mentally “strong” man to be able to resist temptations and control their primal desires.
  • We women want a real man, not a beast in man’s clothing.
  • We look down on men who go around sleeping with women because such men allow their animalistic desires to take control of their behaviour. They are literally slaves to their primal desires. How different are they from beasts?
  • On the other hand, we respect men who have the strength to control their animalistic desires and do so effectively. We call them “real men”.
  • Confidence is what comes first, then you get the success.
  • For men to really love you, you need to really love yourself.
  • Women tend to think more into the future. We are always thinking so far ahead that it becomes difficult to live in the present moment.
  • We not only believe what we see but often, we see what we believe.
  • Change starts with accepting yourself in your present state.
  • We cannot change men but we can INSPIRE them to change. The right man will be inspired by the right woman.
  • You allow his actions to tell you whether he’s the right one but you don’t try to change his actions in order to make him the right one.
  • Every relationship is a learning journey. You learn to understand yourself and you learn to understand the opposite sex.
  • Many people don’t get what they want simply because they don’t know what they want.
  • Don’t be afraid of challenges. Ride with them and ride through them.
  • We all need people outside of the relationship to help us “see” what we can’t see by ourselves and advise accordingly.
  • What you feel about something is a reflection of how you feel about yourself.
  • Be present and happy in the here and now.
  • Realise that in this very moment, you are just fine the way you are.
  • When we give love freely, we receive more love in return.
So what do you guys think about the above? How true is it? I shall leave it to you to think about it.

Enjoy your weekend!

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