Monday, September 07, 2009

What I've Been Up To

Just a little recap on the weekend that has just passed.

Went back to work on Saturday but didn't managed to get much work done. That's what happens when I have to go back to work on Saturday. Gave Macy her long awaited shower but didn't managed to take any photos cause I was trying my very best not to get myself wet.

And what happened after her shower?

She started rolling around on the floor like nobody's business and got herself covered with dust again!!! But I can't blame her cause she's staying at the office and it's not as if the place is really that clean.

macy shower time

Spent the rest of Saturday at home with Mummy and Lucky, visiting my Auntie who was recuperating at home from a fall last week, watching the new drama series "古灵精探B" and whatever TV programme that was available and caught my attention.

Didn't do much on Sunday either. Spent the afternoon watching TV and surfing the internet before meeting DS for dinner and then watching the movie "BRUNO".


We wanted to watch "The Time Travller's Wife" but there wasn't much seats left and since I had already watch "The Proposal" on Friday with Damian, we settled on "Bruno" instead. Didn't really fancy the movie that much. It was funny but I found it quite crappy too. "The Proposal" was so much better.

So that was my boring weekend.

Was dreading coming back to work today.


Because I had tendered my resignation on Saturday and I knew that my manager would want to talk to me. He didn't have the chance to talk to me cause I had to rush out for an appointment and so he called me earlier on the phone and he asked me why I wanted to resign.

I was like, WTH?!?! Why talk to me about the resignation over the phone? So I told him that we'll talk tomorrow instead.

Till now, I still can't believe that I have decided to leave my current company once again after being back here for almost 2 years. I contemplated for a long time before I decided to take up the offer from the other company.

One of the main factor was the $$$$. The pay that they are offering is way, way, way much more that what I am getting now and the benefits are definitely much better than what I am getting here. And I get to learn more and will be able to travel (even though it's just regional).

Anyway, I will just see how it goes tomorrow. But the possiblity of me leaving once again is almost 90%.

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