Monday, September 14, 2009

9th September 2009

It's the start of another week after a relaxing weekend. Right now, I'm counting down to the start of my 3 weeks break. This Friday will be my last day at work and I'm so looking forward to it!!!!

Just a re-cap on what I've been up to since last week.


Brought Macy to the vet because her front legs was injured by one of our contractors who came to the office. She was injured last Wednesday and everyone of us thought that it wasn't that serious but we were wrong. Macy was limping so badly the next day and she didn't have the appetite so I decided to bring her to the vet.

While I was at the vet, I saw this little Shih Tzu, named Baby. She was there for her vaccination and she was so skinny as compared to my dog Lucky who weighs 11kg and Macy who weighs 41kg.

Back to Macy. She was so edgy that the vet couldn't do much except to give her an injection. Till now she's still limping and her right leg is still swollen and the worst part is my boss still doesn't want to bring her back to vet for an x-ray. At times I really can't understand why he decided to bring her back if he doesn't want to take care of her.

While looking at Macy earlier this afternoon, I really had the urge to give SPCA a call and get them to bring her back instead. At least she will get the care she needs over there. If she doesn't get any better, that's what I will do. I really wish I can bring her home but she needs the space and more-over it will be really be chaotic if she were to come to place with Lucky around. On top of that, once I start work again, I will not have the time to look after her.


Met up with Gary, Joop and Rainie for dinner and a movie session at Vivo after work. Our first choice was The Final Destination but we ended watching Blood Ties since Rainie had already watched TFD. Blood Ties didn't fare too badly for a local production but it was a bit draggy at times as some of scenes were repeated for a few times.


This day was a pretty hectic day; spent the entire afternoon with my clients. Went over to Bugis Junction for some window shopping while waiting for Herwan aka Javanese Hearthrob aka Agent One to knock off.


Managed to get a copy of the Marc Jacobs Fall & Winter Collection 2009 which comes with a limited edition Marc Jacobs tote bag.
I was feeling so hungry by the time Herwan came over to meet me. Our initial choice for dinner was sushi but there was a super long queue over at Sakae Sushi so we decided to have thai food instead since I'm not sure if my growling stomach would be able to wait that long.

Decided to go over to Blu Jaz after dinner but it was fully packed so we decided to walk around until we found this place Aladdin Cave at Haji Lane. Spent the rest of the evening chatting away and planning for our upcoming spa trip. A short trip to re-energised before starting work again!!!


Saturday morning was spent grocery shopping and the afternoon was spent doing my manicure. I'm so used to doing my own manicure that I can't remember when was the last time I last stepped into a nail salon for a manicure or pedicure session. On top of saving money, I get to try out different ideas for nail-art and practice my skills.


Saturday evening was spent with DS. Dinner was Bak Ku Teh at my favorite place in Zion Road followed by my first 3D movie and my 46th movie for the year, The Final Destination.



Visited the vet again. This time round it was to bring Lucky for his vaccination. There were so dogs around that day and naughty Lucky was barking away like he owned the place. Tried to take photos of him but it's always very difficult to get a proper picture of him because he's very afraid of taking photos.


The rest of the day was spent at home doing my pedicure and facial. After that it was off to spent the evening with DS.

All right, it's time to go for my jog with Jacky.


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