Friday, August 28, 2009

Creative Series 1 - Namecards

Here's some creative namecards; a refreshing change to the usual namecards which we always received.

creative namecard - furniturestore
01. Furniture Store

creative namecard - personal trainer
02. Personal Trainer

creative namecard - acupunturist
03. Acupunturist

creative namecard - secondhandstore
04. Second Hand Store
*Recycling is good for Mother Earth and it saves cost; you don't even have to pay to print your own namecards.*
creative namecard - divorce lawyer
05. Divorce Lawyer
creative namecard - headhunter
06. Headhunter
*Personally, I find this pretty interesting. You can eat the namecard to prevent your current employer from finding out.*
creative namecard - marriage counsellor
07. Marriage Counsellor

creative namecard - dentist
08. Dentist

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