Wednesday, July 01, 2009

This One Isn't About You Either

this one isn't about u either

....there were 4 little girls who were friends with each other. Dreams, happiness and unhappiness were shared with each other.

One day, little Q called little R to share some stuff which had happened between her and little K. Little Q was pretty upset about the whole issue and with little K. Since little R had always been very protective of little Q, needless to say, little R was very angry with what little K had done to little Q and prior to that, there were many stuff which little K had done to change little R's impression of her. Because little R was very protective of little Q; after hearing what she had done to little Q, little R decided to not contact little K anymore because to little R, she felt that friends shouldn't take advantage of each other.

However, little R realized later on that despite the fact that little Q had said so much about little K, hey...apparently little Q was still on very good terms with little K. Little R was confused but she did not say anything and let things be because it was little R's choice. It doesn't mean that little Q had to share little R's view of little K.

Over time, little R still made the effort to meet up with little Q and little S but it soon became clear to her that little Q and S weren't really that interested in being friends with her anymore. Appointments cancelled, not once but several times, sometimes on the very day, sometimes without any notice until little R called little Q. Little R was thinking "what have I done to them? Did I offend them unknowingly?" Little R had a lot of questions in her little head but no one could give her any answer to any of the questions. Little Q used to call little R and vice versa but as time went by, little R realized that little Q don't seem to be calling her anymore.

Slowly and slowly, it became apparent to little R that actually little Q and little S didn't need or want her as a friend anymore. Little R was very upset about what happened and it affected her very badly because she had always treat little Q and little N as her sisters, had always been very protective of them and treasure the friendship between the 3 of them little girls a lot. Whenever she went, she would always think of them and would not hesitate to get them small little gifts to cheer them up because she wanted little Q and little S to be happy always. Little R wasn't a rich girl but she didn't mind spending on little Q and little S because ultimately she was not that really good with comforting words and she hoped that the little gifts she bought for little Q and little S would be able to cheer them up, even if it's only for a little while.

Despondent little R went to consult a few wise people in hope that they would be able to give her some advise on how to handle the incident because she didn't want to be so upset every day and she was tired of crying almost everyday because she couldn't understand what had went wrong.

After listening to the wise people, little R realized that what they said did indeed made sense but she was still very affected by what had happened. So little R decided to take a break and clear her mind and make a decision once and for all to end her unhappiness.

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