Thursday, July 02, 2009

Huge Lessons Learnt

1 hour ago, i learnt a few bloody huge lessons.

LESSON 1That is NEVER EVER GIVE ANY ADVICE when someone tells about his/ her relationship problems. To me, my intention was just a simple fact that I do not wish to see any of my friends being unhappy in a relationship because I knew how it feels!!! In the end, I learnt that in that person's eyes, I was just an evil person out to break up any people's relationship when I have the chance.
LESSON 2From now onwards, I AM GOING TO MAKE SURE THAT I AM LAUGHING OR SMILING WHEN I TALK (especially on the phone when the other party can't see my face). It seems that I always talk with a bad attitude!!! Before that person accused me of this, has she ever thought about the number the times she talk to me in a really bad attitude (i doubt so)? I was unlucky to have called at the wrong times (when she was having a bad day at work, not feeling well, etc) yet, never for once did I take it to heart because hey, who doesn't have days when he/she feels shitty and might sometimes answer a call sounding pissed off??? Somehow her brain hasn't the register the number of times she scolded me FXXX just because someone had offended her.
That I think I am SUCH A GREAT PERSON THAT NOBODY CAN EVER DO ANYTHING THAT IS GOOD ENOUGH!!! Great, great, great. I am going to say this for one last time; I have NEVER EVER have the slightest innotation that I am someone great!!! If I really think I am such a great person, then I wouldn't be sitting here typing this entry because a GREAT PERSON wouldn't be affected by all these accussations thrown at him/ her. I'm a human being and that is why I am damn bloody pissed off by what this person has said about me!!! And I don't bloody go round painting a huge ass great picture of myself. As I have mentioned countless times in my blog, I TRY my best to be a good friend to all my friends and be there for them when they need me. And I have made mistakes in my friendships with my friends and apologise and we still remain friends.

LESSON 4This particular person also claimed that I have NO GOOD FEMALE FRIENDS!!! Most of my good friends are male and I don't see anything wrong with that because guys are so much easier to get along with. With my guys friends, we can say any shit and know for a fact that none of us will get offended. But...I do have female friends whom I am on very good terms with. Just that I don't go around annoucing to the whole wide world about who my good friends are.

To the person who has said all the above about me:

Since I am the following in your eyes:

2. someone full of negativity,
3. someone who likes to break other's relationship whenever she has the chance,
4. someone who loves to go around hurting others intentionally or "unintentionally",
5. someone who LOVES to DENY and TWIST her words,
6. someone who's a DISGUSTING PIECE OF SHIT,
I accept all the above as highlighted to you especially point 6. spare a moment to think about the kind of reaction and words that you have given me before when I went to you when I faced problems of my own (be it friendships, relationship or family). Think of the times when you showed your attitude for no rhyme or reason. If you claimed that you were so upset with me, why didn't you tell me? It's time you wake up and do some reflection on your own (which I doubt you will ever do it). Stop acting like one big SPOILT and PAMPERED PRINCESS because there will come a day when people can't take your shit!!! The world doesn't evolve around you only!

I apologise to you for giving what I thought was "advice" to you. Sorry to have caused so much negativity in your life and your relationship. Sorry for not "listening" to your so called complaints and whinings. And a heartfelt thanks for teaching me all these lessons, I will remember what you have said to me.

Phew...what a "great" start to the month of JULY. It's AMAZING how a simply entry can let me learn some many lessons and so much about someone whom I so naively thought was a friend. I was so damn bloody pissed off and upset initally over the whole issue but after thinking about it, I realized, what's the point of getting upset over someone like this or the things that had been said? It's her mouth and her thoughts, I can't force her to think otherwise; I can't change what others think of me or want to think of me. If she thinks I'm such a lousy person, so be it. I can't and don't need to please everyone in the world. As long as my conscience is clear and God knows what I have done, it's enough. Time will tell.

Time to go to bed...

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