Monday, June 08, 2009

Loving It

Finally, my long awaited weekend without having to go back to work after coming back from Aussie. On a second thought, not really though, cause I went down to Wisma for the set-up for the Nike Air Yeezy Launch on Saturday evening. But it beats going back to office on a Saturday.
Met up with my buddies Gary and Joop for Joop's long overdue belated birthday celebration. All thanks to Gary and me. Gary was in Tioman for his weekend getaway the week before Joop's birthday and as for me, I was in Aussie on his birthday and that weekend. So we had no choice but to postphone it till this month.

050609 - joop post bday celebration

And thanks to the 2 fellows being late, I get to watch my 27th movie for this year, Monsters vs Aliens. Hahahaha. The both of them wanted to watch State of Play but because they were late, I got to choose the movie. And since I was so tired after work, I wanted to watch something funny and which doesn't require me to further work my brain cells.

27th movie - monsters vs aliens

Slept till 12.00 noon on Saturday because I stayed up to play Bejewel on FB and I was so engrossed in playing then I ended up going to bed at 4.00 a.m. in the morning. Spent the entire afternoon on my couch watching 老婆大人2. The lazy bum in me didn't want to get off the couch but I still had to drag myself off to get ready to head down to Wisma for the set-up.

nike air yeezy private event

Thanks to my efficient production crew, I didn't have to stay long cause they managed to finish everything in 30 minutes. Was thinking of going home to carry on lazing on my couch but had to meet dearest DS for dinner at Clarke Quay. Didn't expected him to meet cause he would usually spent his Saturday being a pig at home.

hot stones at clarke quay

grilling in progress

Walked around for a long time before deciding to settle at Hot Stones for our dinner. I wanted to go to Hooters but my dearest DS doesn't really fancy fried stuff so we chose Hot Stones instead. The food was all right but the service wasn't that fantastic.

Spent my Sunday afternoon doing housework, washing my laundry, ironing my clothes and watching 老婆大人2. I am so happy because I managed to finish ironing the huge pile of clothes but I know that my happiness will be shortlived because come next week, there will another pile of clothes to iron again.

28th movie - terminator salvation

Dinner was at Vivo with DS before we went to watch my 28th movie for this year, Terminator Salvation. I've never watched any Terminator movies but this time round I decided to watch it because of the 2 lead actors, Christian Bale and Same Worthington. And DS actually blocked my eyes when Sam Worthington walked out without wearing anything but covered in mud in one of the scene. Irritating....but that's him.


Am so sleepy now...time to head off to bed. Will upload the rest of the photos from the Aussie trip soon.

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