Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Going Crazy

I realized that the super hot weather in Singapore recently is making me go crazy after what happened yesterday.

Was at my client's place and they were located at an industrial estate even more ulu than Woodlands. After waiting for 15 minutes and still no cab in sight, I decided to walk out to the main road to try my luck instead.

Hot glaring sun shining down on me and add to that several numbers of container trucks causing a mini traffic jam, my mood was getting worse by the second. Took several deep breath to calm myself down and carry on walking.

At this moment, a white van drove past and the irritating driver did the most irritating thing ever. Whistling and making those kind of "choo" sound. That was when I did the most unthinkable, something which I have never done before.

I gave him this without even turning my head.

And continue walking off.

WTH! I simply couldn't believe that I actually did that. Usually I will ignore this kind of stuff (if I ever came across) but for some reasons unknown, I actually got so pissed off yesterday. I was lucky that that man didn't stop his van and step out. Otherwise I can't imagine what would have happened.

When I told DS about it, he laughed and praise me for doing a good job!!!

And when I told Ced and Don, they had a good laugh and Ced even asked me, "You mean that such drivers still exist?" Yes, why not? Even they can't understand how come there are some men out there who are so irritating and love to do such irritating acts.

Maybe it's time that I start to seriously think about buying a car. But...I still find that it's not such a good idea to buy a car just for work. I don't go out pretty much after work or during weekends; most of time it's with DS and he drives. And I have discussed it with DS before and he doesn't see the need for me to buy a car as well. Anyway, even if I really do want to buy a car, I will most probably do it end of the year or next. Am planning to go another 1 or 2 more holiday trips this year and back to Aussie next year so I got to save and save first.

Anyway, I am still pretty all right with taking public transport as of now.

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meiyi said...

yala. these kind of people is everywhere. i even bump onto the same stranger on a different day, on my way to office. he also did those sickening stuffs..