Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Rain, My Favourite

Here's a quick update before I logged off the internet.

Results for my scope and biopsy was out last week. Although the results reflected that the cells are non-cancer forming, I still have to go for another round of test in 3 months time. If the abnormal cells is still there by then, I will have to go the operation to burn the cells off; if not, it will become cancerous in time to come.

Work wise, it has been a pretty hectic month especially these 2 weeks. Come next month, it will all be about the
promotions. But I am still looking forward to MAY. That's because after slogging hard for work and studies last year, it's time for a Holiday!

My destination?

Brisbane and Gold Coast.

I missed Australia so much. The weather, the food and the people.

Looking forward to it!!! :)

Time to go now. Am going to tuck myself into my bed with the heavy rain out there as my company.


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