Thursday, April 02, 2009

Can You Survive Without It?

Have just finished mopping my room. Again.

Yes, nowadays I have to mop my room everyday when I reached home. All thanks to the lift upgrading works which are currently under-going at my block. In the past, squeaky, sparkling clean marble flooring is what greets my tired feet when I reached home but these days, it's been replaced with a dusty floor. There's nothing much I can do except continue mopping the floor everyday and wait till the upgrading works are completed. And that is a long way......year 2010.

My copy of of this week's 8 DAYS finally came into my mail box today.

Featured artiste of the week? Ms. Wong Li Lin.

Topic of the week?

Hello, can you do without ur phone 4 one day?

I was reminded of one of blog entry back in year 2007. The particular entry was titled "A Day Without My Mobile Phone". Ever since that incident, there has not been a single day where I left home without my mobile phone by my side.


It's not that I'm dependent or addicted to my phone; on weekends, I don't even take a second a look at my phone unless there's a call or SMS. On weekdays, it's a different story. I don't have a 9-to-5 desk bound job, instead, I am always on the run from one place to another meeting clients or doing set-up for an event. And when I am back in office, I am not stuck at my desk all the time; most of the time I will be running up to the design department or down to the production department. Without my mobile phone by my side, my clients and colleagues would have a hell of a time looking for me.

It's a different story by the time I reached home though. I will simply chuck my phone onto my bed. And I won't bother looking at it unless it suddenly rings. The only time that I will look it is before I sleep. My phone is my alarm clock so I have to ensure that the alarm is on and also to ensure that the charger is plug in to my phone. And that's about that.

Even now, I can still survive the day if my phone is not with me. Just last month, my phone just died off on me all of a sudden. And I was out of the office. I did panicked initially but after a while, I just shrugged it off. I mean, what can I do? I was outside and I don't have a charger with me so it was pointless for me to start panicking. I couldn't just run off and get a new phone right? Anyway, if my clients couldn't reach me, they would send me a SMS and when I reached office, I would be able to charge my phone and switched it on again.

Other than using my phone to make phone calls and send smses (which I simply hate but more on that later), there's nothing else that I do with it. Music? There's my mp3 player. Photo-taking? I have a camera to do that job.

So why do I hate smses? One or two smses is fine but when it starts turning into a conversation, that's where it starts to irritates me. The moment I know that the smses will not end, I will call the other person. Why waste the time to send smses to and fro when many a times just 1 phone call will be able to settle it? That's not to say I don't send smses; I just try my best to not send smses.

Shall stop here for now. God knows why, but have been feeling very sleepy since 9.00 p.m. It's a wonder that I can still sit in front of my laptop and type out this entry.

Good night everyone.

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