Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rainbows Here, Rainbows There

On the 25th of last month, I saw 2 rainbows.

Last Saturday, while I was waiting for my appointment at Strip @ The Cathay, I saw this pen. Even though it cost $8, I still bought it. Simply because of the rainbow.


And later that evening, while I was in BFF's car heading down to Holland Village for dinner, I saw this at the traffic junction near my place.

Yes, another rainbow. And this time, it was a full rainbow! But you can't really see it in these photos because it was taken from inside the car.



210309 - Full Rainbow III

210309 - Full Rainbow IV

It's never that easy to see a rainbow but in these 2 months, it's once every month. I don't know why but whenever I see a rainbow, I will always feel so much happier. Especially last Saturday when the clumsy me tripped and injured my toe!!

For the past few days, I've been limping around and I had to go on medical leave yesterday because I still had problem walking. It's much better now but the doctor has advised me to stop wearing heels for the time being.

So, for the next few days, I will wearing my ballet pumps to work!!!

It's time for 3inches, 4inches and 5inches heels to take a rest for the time being and time for my ballet pumps to start working.

And this morning, the moment I stepped out of my house, this was what I saw.

240309 - Overcast Sky I

240309 - Overcast Sky II

Luckily, I managed to reach the train station before it started raining cats and dogs. Otherwise I will be drenched from head to toe again and start falling sick again which is something which I definitely don't need right now.

Gosh, it's my body's alarm clock telling me that it's time to climb onto my cosy bed and make my way to snooze land.

Good night.

Yes, there are lots of photos which I have yet to upload but somehow my laptop doesn't seem to like photobucket very much cause I always have problems uploading my photos. Please be patient and wait for a little while more.

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