Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Little Surprise

Got attacked by the virus again. 
As such, I ended up with fever, diarrhoea and non-stop vomitting again. 

Was so sick on Tuesday that I slept the entire day. 
Mummy was quite worried and after touching my forehead; she asked me to go to the doctor but I didn't because I knew that doctor would said that it's a virus infection again. 
So I decided to be my own doctor and prescribe myself with a dose of paracetamol, muscle relaxant and plenty of sleep.

Felt much better today as compared to the last 2 days but still have got no appetite. :( 
Hopefully, I will recover soon. 
Hate the feeling of being sick and weak!!!

However, I received a little surprise from DS earlier which cheered me up a little after feeling so grouchy for the past few days. 
Shall blog about it when I feel much better. :)

Going to sleep now cause I am feeling the effects of the medication.

Good night.

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