Sunday, January 25, 2009

Trip to Chinatown

Saturday, 17.01.2009
Gave Chinatown a miss last year but decided to make a trip down this year to soak in the festive atmosphere. So the 3 of us (Michael, Jupiter and Myself) decided to head down to Chinatown on a sunny Saturday. Spent our time jostling with the crowd and taking our time to look at the different variety of merchandise on sale.

Below are some photos taken during the trip.

Huge inflatable 财神爷 on display.
Michael aka Emo, myself and Jupiter aka Joop.
Joop wanted this photo to look like a tourist he made me do this pose. -_-'''

Love the colors of these tulips. 
Cherry blossoms in a darker shade of pink for a change. 
Since it's the year of the Ox, there were plenty of oxen merchandise for sale.

Childhood games.
四色牌 - Grandma used to have these card games with her friends. 

Michael claims that this building looks like an electric shaver, what do you think?

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