Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sick Grace

Reasons why I have been neglecting my blog?

I. Serious bout of virus attack

Have been running a fever since last Wednesday. The fever will subside for a few hours only to shoot up again. Yesterday was the worst, felt so sick that I felt like crying when I started to talk. Headed down to Raffles Hospital and was given two days of medical leave. DS came to fetch me from the hospital and we headed down to Raffles City for dinner as I needed to take some food before taking my medication. By the time I reached home, I was so sick that whatever food I had taken earlier came out again.

Slept till 10ish this morning feeling slightly better, I decided to go back to office to retrieve my laptop and also to submit a tender. Still in the office right now waiting for my production manager to get back on some stuff and then it's time to head back home.

II. Hectic work schedule

Need I say more? More and more work piling up because of my medical leave. Doesn't help that Chinese New Year is in January 2009 so our clients are all preparing for Chinese New Year now. Have not even celebrated Christmas and now I'm already in Chinese New Year mood.

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