Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Recollections of 2008

Time really another 24 hours, we will be waving goodbye to 2008 and welcoming 2009.
The last 12 months for me have been like a roller-coaster ride. Full of ups and downs. Happy and unhappy stuff. Lots of tears have been shed especially this month but I believe that with God's grace, I will get stronger and overcome everything that has happened in this one month.
The most wonderful thing that happened this year was passing all my examinations and completing my degree course in communications management. I couldn't believe that I have actually done it. The endless nights of mugging for exams, rushing assignments, juggling work with the course all seems so far away now. And the never-ending saving that I had to do to pay for the course fees myself. Looking back, I am so glad that I didn't gave up the other time when I had a hard time juggling everything. Right now, the other thing that I am looking forward to is my convocation. Wearing my graduation gown and holding my certificate in my hands. I can't wait for that day to come!!!
Work wise, it's been a busy year. I enjoyed everything even though it's been tiring especially during the period of my final exams. Met some wonderful clients who went on to become my friends.
Friendship wise...well...I learnt who my true friends are. I've learnt to see for myself who are the ones who are truly there for me when I needed support. Sad to say, there were some people whom I thought were my true friends but it's only when something happens that you will see their true colors. Initially I was very disappointed but after thinking everything through, I realized that it's pointless for me to disappointed. This is life.
Towards the end of the year, I made a decision which I will always blamed myself for it. Endless nights spent crying but what's done cannot be undone and I can only live with the pain forever. I only hope that in time to come, the wound will heal and I will soon be able to get back on my feet again.
As the clock ticks nearer to year 2009, my only wish is that everything will get better. In the coming year, I hope to be able to do my MBA or take up another course. Work wise, I hope that everything will go on smoothly and that the economy will get better soon.
Here's wishing everyone a very Joyous New Year. May the coming year for everyone be filled with never-ending LOVE and JOY!

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