Monday, November 24, 2008


In another few days, it will be the month of December again. December has always been my favourite month in the year because it's means that CHRISTMAS is coming soon. I don't know why but since young, Christmas has always been my favourite festival instead of Chinese New Year. Maybe it's because snow, bright lights and fairy tales comes to my mind when I think of Christmas. This Christmas it will be different from last year because I don't have to think of studies and exams unlike last year where we had to start classes on Boxing Day. Am still awaiting our results for our last exams; hopefully, I will be able to pass every module. That will be the most wonderful present for this Christmas.
My joyous spirit has been slightly affected these few days by 2 pieces of sad news. Received a text message from one of my primary school mate informing our that another of classmate's father had passed away last Friday and this morning, I received another text message from God Pa informing me that his mum had passed away.
Life is really fragile, we never know who will be taken away from us at any time. And when I received news like the above, I will always think of Grandma. It's been 4 years since Grandma left us but till now I have never been able to get over her. She was the one who had looked after me from the day I was borned till the time when she couldn't even looked after herself anymore. She was the one who understands me most; my favourite food, my character and every little bits and pieces of me. She was the one who I can talk to and share my happiness or sorrows with. I remembered how she used to nag me for always being in jeans, pants or shorts. She was always telling me that a girl should be wearing skirts and dresses. If she is able to see me now, she would be glad because now I am always in dresses. :)
Till now, at times when I feel so down or depressed, she is still the person that I think of. Many a times I wished that she was still by my side but I do not want to see her suffering from all the illnesses. So I will always tell myself, "Be happy that Grandma is in a much better place now." I know that no matter where Grandma is, she will always be looking out me and if I do have a chance to see Grandma now, the first thing I will do is to give her a big hug and tell her how much I missed her.
On a lighter note, now that classes have ended and it's not that busy at work, I can finally meet up with my lovely friends.
Met up with my favourite Princesses, Destinee and Nie Nie last Thursday for dinner at Sembawang. It's been donkey months since I last met them and I really missed them alot. :) And the both of them look so different now. Princess Destinee has FINALLY cut her hair...from waist long hair to a short bob and she look VERRRRRRYYYYY PRETTY with her new haircut. Really loved her new and refreshing look. As for Princess Nie Nie, her hair is much longer now and I don't know but she looked really beautiful when I saw her. Her skin was like GLOWING!!! She has the BEST skin complexion among the 3 of us. I wished I could show everyone how pretty they are but this time round, I have to seek Princess Destinee's approval after I have done some editting to the photos because she feels that all the photos that we have taken that night was not fit for showing to anyone. I guessed the photos will have to wait for a little while.
Met up with a JAVANESE HEARTHROB on Friday night. So who's this Javanese Hearthrob?
Ta Dahhhhhh!!!!
Mr. Ewan aka Javanese Hearthrob, my batch match when I was doing my Advanced Diploma. What is interesting is that I used to attend the same secondary school as his elder sister but we didn't know about it until we got to know each other. And the best part? He is working for my boss's client. And we didn't know about it until I called him to find out some stuff and he told me that he had switched jobs and he was working in AMC!!! I was like WHHHHAAAATTTT???? It's such a coincidence.

So on Friday, we decided to meet up for dinner at THE PUBLIC HOUSE at Hotel Rendevouz (not sure if I got that spelling right...pardon me if I don't :P) Spent our time having dinner of "rubbish" food...(his words) cause I didn't order the proper food meant for dinner, checking out people on Facebook and listening to his favourite songs. After that we headed down to Party World at Shenton Way for a KTV session with his friends. And goodness me....this Javanese Hearthrob can REALLY SING!!!! He belted out English songs while his friends and I sang our favourite Mandarin songs and he can sing a little bit of Cantonese too...

And this week, it's going to be another week of catching up with friends. Ben & Terence on Wednesday; Jup, Gary & Emo on Thursday and Wilson on Friday.
All right, time to stop now. My eyes are getting tired.
Good night and sweet dreams.

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