Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Night

Synopsis: Inspired by a true Thai ritual of lying in coffins to get rid of bad luck and prolong life, THE COFFIN is a supernatural thriller about a young man and a young woman who decide to go through the ritual in Thailand. Chris, a claustrophobic architect does it in the hope of saving his fiance who is dying of terminal cancer. Sue, a nutritionist visiting Thailand from Hong Kong does it to save her own life after being diagnosed with a lethal brain tumor - one week before her wedding. After the ritual, Chris and Sue experience what appear to be miracles in their respective lives. But soon, they find themselves confronted by a series of bizarre and terrifying incidents.
For the past few years, Halloween is just another day for me since I don't go clubbing or dressing up for any halloween. This year, I decided to do something different since it was a Friday night instead of staying at home. And it's been a month since I last saw my classmates, I decided to organized a movie outing. Choice of movie for the night: THE COFFIN since we are fans of horror movies especially Joey.
Plan for the night: To meet at The Cathay at 7.30 p.m. to collect the tickets, followed by dinner and then the movie.
However......I was late for half an hour as I had to rush down to Tangs to check on the set-up for the window display and the first to reach was Zach. Poor dude, luckily Gary and Ahmad reached a little earlier than me and kept Zach company. By the time we collected the tickets, all our stomachs were growling and we decided to make our way to Billy Bombers for dinner but it was fully packed and there was a long queue. Decided to make our way to Plaza Singapura instead. The guys suggested Cafe Cartel (cancelled because it wasn't exactly a halal restaurant - it sells pork ribs), Swensons (long queue as well) and Pizza Hut (Waiting time? 1 FREAKING hour). My suggestion all the while was Long John Silver because I know that that's the only place where we would be able to get a table but they kept objecting it but they had no choice but to settle for LJS in the end because of the long queues. Heehee.
Shortly reaching LJS, dearest Jupiter joined us. With about an hour more to spare before the movie, we headed back to The Cathay after dinner for a round of dessert at Ben & Jerry's with our last member Joey joining us.

Above: partners in crime - we are the 2 jokers!
Above: ahmad, our aspiring script-writer
Above: monkey face time!!!
Above: Gary aka Ching Cheong, my buddy
Above: Zach - the half devil
Above: ain't i lucky? script-writer in the making on my left & a young boss on my right
Above: to quote ahmad "this photo is proudly sponsored by 7-11"
Above: Posing...posing...posing
Above: the ones who kept me sane during lessons & exams
Above: supposed to make funny faces but it seems that jupiter didn't get the meaning
Above: while waiting for joey - 3 covered shoes + 1 peep toe wedges
Above: my mint chocolate chunk in a flower pot
Above: ahmad trying out his photography skill
Above: the psp fanatics - joey + zach
Above: my only female kaki in class
Above: one last take before the movie
So basically, that was how I spent my Halloween. With great company of my lovely classmates. And since most of us have yet to watch Blindness, we planned to meet up for another horror movie session next week but that's provided if Blindness is still showing. All right, time to enjoy the bird nest soup that Mummy has prepared and then get my much needed beauty sleep. Looking forward to another stay at Siloso Beach Resort tomorrow.

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